Hydraulic Power Pack
Hydraulic Power Pack: Rugged Design
T Atlas Copco Construction Tools; 413-746-0020; www.atlascopco.us

Protection Against Falling
Protection Against Falling: No Strings Attached
TGarlock Equipment; 800-328-9522; www.garlockequip.com


USB Key Lock
USB Key Lock: Keeping Data Secure
TCorsair; 510-657-8747; www.corsair.com

Quick Lift
Quick Lift: Faster Maintenance
TRotary Lift; 800-640-5438; www.rotarylift.com
Drilling Concrete
 Drilling Concrete: Maneuverable Rig
TEZ-Drill; 800-272-0121; www.ezdrill.com

he LP 13-20 DEL hydraulic power pack offers a hydraulic flow of 5.3 gallons per minute at a maximum pressure of 2,175 psi and a 1.3-gallon oil capacity. The power pack is powered by an air-cooled, 10-hp Lombardini series 15LD diesel engine, which the manufacturer claims has a reduced engine load compared to similar models. A thermostat-controlled cooler on the power pack protects hydraulic oil from overheating. The reinforced chassis is integrated with the tank and fan housing to reduce vibrations. he Fall-Ban fall-protection system is attached to a building’s edge, and does not require workers to tie-off once it is in place. Workers can move about the roof unattached, even in the 6-ft OSHA safety zone. The system’s stantions can be attached to a wide range of roof edges, and support three rows of steel cable to form a 45-in. high safety barrier.  he Flash Padlock has a built-in security lock that prevents the flash drive from being accessed without the proper code. Without the code a computer will not even see the flash drive. Once the code is entered the drive may be used, but will lock up after fifteen seconds if it is not plugged into a computer’s USB port. Available in both one and two-gigabyte versions. he Parallelogram lift is intended to provide easy access to heavy machinery during maintenance. Vehicles can be raised and ready for inspection in just one minute. The lift’s “clear floor” design allows access to the vehicle from both front and back as well as the sides. The unit can be preset with multiple heights, and a monitoring system will alert operators to any problems. A galvanized base coat and chemical-resistant finish are intended to extend the product’s life. The lift can be installed as either surface mount, flush mount, or surface-in-recessed mount, with lift capacities ranging from 25,000 lb to 130,000 lb. he 210-SRA model multi-gang slab riding drills are able to operate in a 4-ft patch of concrete with the ability to drill to within 6 in. of a corner. Bits can drill to standard depth of 18 in., with adjustable spacing between 12 in. and 36 in. With an optional tow bar, the rig is powerful enough to tow an air compressor, removing the need for additional vehicles, while still remaining maneuverable.