Air Disc Brakes
For Select Class 8 Models
Kenworth introduces the Bendix ADB22X front and rear air disc brakes on select Class 8 trucks and tractors. The air disc brakes provide reduced brake wear and feature a mono-block caliper design that provides a compact brake compared to other two-piece caliper models. This design offers sealing that provides protection from environmental elements, a larger rotor that absorbs more energy, better ventilation and is an overall more robust system than past air disc brakes. Kenworth Truck Co., 425/828-5196,

Truck Bed
Can Lower Downtime Costs
The Retriever is a patented new truck bed for transporting heavy construction equipment. It can generate a combination of annual cost savings and profit gains when comparing typical purchase, operation and performance profiles to hydraulic rollbacks and other alternative equipment, the maker says. It has a unique, air-operated, curved and hinged design. A 20-ton model will join the 7.5, 10 and 15-ton units this year. UP-N-ATOM Inc.; 866/798-8882;

Work Trucks
Global Positioning System
This new technology is designed for construction firms, or any company that operates equipment at remote locations. The system captures detailed information from a jobsite, transmits it to secure storage, and integrates it with back office systems for use in scheduling and billing. The product suite, which includes tracking, capture, delivery and managing modules, is easy to install and program. Training is done on-site or via remote on-line classroom. OEM Controls; 203/929-8431;

Data Collection
Jobsite Operations
Serving the needs of customers in construction and other vocational markets are the new 367 and 365 models. Both trucks will be available in set-forward and set-back front axle positions to comply with various state and federal bridge law requirements. Improvements in fuel efficiency is one of many new product enhancements. A dash-mounted navigation system that uses a global positioning system helps improve operational efficiency through optimization and point-to-point audible directions. Peterbilt Motors Co.; 800-473-837-2458;