Class 5 truck: Classy Design
TPeterbilt Motors Company, a division of PACCAR Inc; 800–473–8372;
Excavator: Removal Solution
T Gradall Industries; 800–382–8302;

Fine grading: Multiple Uses
T H–MACH International; 888–262–3779;
Riding Low: Getting Equipment Through Tight Spaces
R Up–N–Atom Inc.; 866–798–8882;
Petite Drill Rig: Ultra–Compact
A Hennessy International Inc; 800–656–6766; he Peterbilt Model 325 is the manufacturer's first ever Class 5 truck, intended for uses such as vehicle recovery and landscaping/construction. The truck is rated at 19,500 lb in a straight truck configuration, and its engine is available in 200–hp, 240–hp and 300–hp versions, with torque ratings up to 620 lb–ft. The truck features an all–aluminum cab, distinctive stainless steel grille and scratch–and–dent–resistant fenders and hood. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and a 6–speed manual transmission are standard, while an automatic transmission option is available. he VacAll AT vacuum/hydro excavator is a combination industrial vacuum loader and high–pressure water sewage cleaning machine for removing material from holes, ditches and excavating around sensitive underground utilities. It features a 35–gpm at 2,000–psi water pump with variable flow output, a 26–ft boom reach, a 1,500–gallon water tank and a 5,000–cfm/16–in. Hg blower. he unique configuration of the FG100 Utility Fine Grader results in a greater versatility than a standard utility fine grader. The grader features a "quick–attach" upfront with a loader option/sweeper/front blade/scarifier, which combined with its tight turing radius allows for a wider range of grading applications. It also features a 100–hp, CAT 3054T Turbo Tier II diesel engine and a 10–ft sliding moldboard. etriever's Low–Rider Deck allows for the transport of large equipment safely under most 13–ft, 6–in. overpasses. The deck's lower center of gravity affords the Low–Rider better overall stability than a standard deck. The 15T model can handle up to 30,000 lb on 20 to 25–ft beds, and the hinged ramp has a gentle approach angle of 10� to 14�. The deck is powered by the truck's air system rather than hydraulics, which the manufacturer claims reduces maintenance costs. t only 45 ft wide and 13 ft long, the new TesCar CF 2.5 drill rig lets contractors handle projects in restricted–access locations like backyards, narrow hillsides and uneven terrain. Controlled remotely, the operator has a 360� range of movement around the rig. Tescar offers a maximum drilling diameter of about 2 ft to a depth of almost 50 ft. Delivering 19,536 ft lb of torque, stability is assured by the rig's 8–ton weight.