Sewer Buddy
One Tool Cuts and Bevels PVC Pipe

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Truck Bed
Light Weight and Low Deck

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Submersible Electric Pump
Site Dewatering Problems

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Material Handling
2 or 3-Piece Booms

Komatsu America Corp.; 847/970-5815; Manufacturer introduces a new product to help contractors complete their work more effectively. Called the Sewer Buddy, the tool is designed to cut and bevel SDR35 pipe in a trench or prepare laterals above ground. This battery-operated, right-angle grinder features an electroplated 4 1�2-in. diamond blade with a 16-flute beveler mounted on it. The Sewer Buddy comes complete with a storage case, two batteries and a 110-Volt charger. It is also available with an optional cigarette lighter charger. The Retriever is a new truck bed designed for transporting heavy construction and industrial equipment. Its best features are light weight and low deck height, according to the manufacturer. The Retriever also uses the truck’s own air system as the power source to raise and lower the patented, curved, hinged deck and bi-fold ramp. All models are available in 18 to 26-ft lengths in 2-ft increments. Fully submersible electric pumps require no priming and can be left unattended for hours quietly working below the water, says the maker. The sealed motor design features automatic protection and the double outer casting make it possible to run the pump dry or in snore condition without damage. The pumps come in a broad range of sizes to handle drainage volumes of 5,500 gallons per minute. Offered in both wide bases or slim centerline pumps, they can operate at depths of up to 65 ft. The Material Handling Series is designed for use in scrap processing and bulk material handling applications. Six material handling packages are available in the PC270LC-7, PC300HD-7, PC400LC-7, PC600LC-7, PC750LC-7 and PC1250LC-7 excavator models. New features include elevated cabs, strong structural components, front window guards as well as improved stability provided by long tracks, widened carbodies and more.