Handheld Pipe Cutter: Fast
Handheld Pipe Cutter: Fast Handheld Pipe Cutter: Fast

The RC-2375 Ratcheting Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter is capable of cutting pipe up to 23⁄8 in. in diameter. The portable cutter has a ratcheting mechanism to reduce the amount of force needed to cut and saves time. It can cut a wide variety of pipe material including PVC and CPVC, PEX, polyethylene, polyputylene and rubber hose. Blades are easily replaced, without any tools or loose parts. RIDGID; 800-769-7743; www.ridgid.com

Mobile Lighting Tower: Fully Adjustable
Mobile Lighting Tower: Fully Adjustable

The Nightshifter Hybrid is a lighting tower/mobile generator which features vibration-resistant double-ended metal halide lamps mounted on an hydraulically extending mast with full 360° lamp rotation. The Tier-III diesel engine features two powerpoints for use as a generator and a control panel allows individual control of lights. Available in 6,000- and 9,000-Watt configurations. Allight; 703-519-4218; www.allight.com

Roofing Insulation Installer: Stand-up Design
Roofing insulation installer: Stand-up Design

The AccuTrac tool is a tool for installing insulation fasteners and plates in low-slope roofing applications. The tool’s stand-up design allows for faster installation and less strain on the operator. The tool sets the insulation plate and drives the fastener in one motion, saving the time of manually aligning them. It can be used in either straight-line or zig-zag fastening patterns. The AccuTrac features a universal drive shaft that can be used with both Phillips or hex-head fasteners and a quick release linkage for removing the handle from the base. It works with all standard types of insulation and with #12, #14, and #15 fasteners in lengths up to 6 in. OMG Roofing Products; 800-633-3800; www.olyfast.com

Heavy Equipment Tire: Reinforced
Heavy equipment Tire: Reinforced

The RT41 Off-Road Tire is now available in two new sizes for off-road heavy equipment, specifically designed for articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders and dozers. The tires feature flexible OTR belt wire and four layers of steel belts, increasing both wear and stability. It has a nondirectional block pattern for improved traction on soft, rocky surfaces, and a convex belt/concave carcass line to allow contact pressure to be distributed more evenly. They also feature a new tread compound for improved wear and cut resistance, as well as a high turn-up carcass and buttress side protection to protect against exterior damage on the jobsite. A nylon cord within the tire provides additional protection against interior damage. Yokohama Tire Corp.; 800-722-9888; www.yokohamatire.com

Adjustable Wrench: Wide Jaw
Adjustable Wrench: Wide Jaw

The Wright Tool Adjustable Wrench features a wide-opening jaw design to accommodate larger nuts and bolts and prevents slippage or nut round-off. The nonprotruding jaw is narrow and thin, allowing the tool to fit into tight spaces easily. Customary and metric gradients are laser-etched on either side of the fixed jaw. The extra wide jaw is standard on Wright Tool wrenches ranging from 6 in. to 12 in. and comes with either a chrome or black oxide finish. Wright Tool; 800-321-2902; www.wrighttool.com