Stainless-Steel Lifting Harness
The MTS Multi-Aspirator, model mtm-04, is a submersible aspiration unit capable of mixing and aerating screened municipal or industrial wastewater containing up to 6% solids. It provides efficient aeration without the need for a blower and can operate continuously for over five years with-out requiring maintenance, according to the manufacturer. The unit has a stainless-steel lifting harness and is lowered in place with a davit crane. The power cord is then wired to a control panel to complete the installation. Multi-Aspirators are available in various sizes ranging from 2 to 100 hp. MTS/MASS TRANSFER SYSTEMS; 508/679-6770;

Multiple Pockets
This 45-pocket tool organizer fits around a standard five-gal bucket. It gives the user quick access to a variety of different hand tools while on the jobsite. These include 9 pockets for screwdrivers and nut drivers; large wire strippers and pliers; and cell phones, two-way radios or testers. There also is an electrician's style chain tape thong to keep multiple rolls of tape handy. The organizer is constructed of heavy-duty 600 x 300 denier polyester. KLEIN TOOLS; 800/553-4676;

Dual Seal Designv
A dual seal line of 2-hp sewage grinder pumps offers double protection against motor failure due to a primary shaft seal failure. The dual seal design has an oil-filled chamber that separates an upper pump motor seal from a lower volute seal. This prevents water from entering the pump motor chamber should the lower seal fail or be damaged by the matter being pumped. The submersible grinders have an exclusive cutter assembly that cuts waste material into tiny particles, producing a fine slurry that passes easily through small diameter pipe. LITTLE GIANT PUMP CO.; 610/918-2899;

Small and Lightweight for Transporting
The Color SeeSnake Compact video pipe inspection system allows plumbing contractors to view inside drain lines and other types of piping in order to determine the exact cause and location of problems. The system consists of a color camera with a unique lighting system that, along with a push-rod assembly, navigates through 11Ú2-in. to 4-in. lines with up to 100 ft of push cable. It has a small, 1.2-in. camera head with 24 white leds. The Color SeeSnake Compact is also equipped with a high-resolution, 5-in. lcd color monitor that features easily accessible controls. RIDGE TOOL CO., C/O ULTIMATE LEADS; 800/769-7743;

Heavy-Duty Boom Lock
Featuring a 25-hp Kubota D1105 diesel engine, a servo-controlled hydrostatic transmission and an exclusive ESL backhoe design, the TLB-425 tractor loader backhoe is one of five new models built for a variety of excavation and earthmoving applications. For added safety, this model includes the firm's exclusive heavy-duty boom lock that can be engaged or disengaged from the operator's seat. The unit's industrial class backhoe provides a 5,611-lb digging force and can reach a 9-ft, 6-in. digging depth. The loader bucket offers a maximum lift capacity of 2,100 lb and a breakout force of 3,400 lb. ALLMAND BROS. INC.; 800/562-1373;

Wider Pours
Model 36 roller screed is designed for both flooring and paving projects. It is used to span pours from 14 to 50 ft. The machine can run on lightweight forms and is versatile enough for use on slope pours. Some of its features are a 25-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine and a fold-down operator platform that allows access to all controls of the screed. It also has a heavy-duty A-Frame truss system that provides rigidity, while allowing for easy width changes and high-tolerance 65Ú8-in. screeding and drive tubes that offer smooth concrete pavement and floors. ALLEN ENGINEERING CORP.; 870/236-7751;