Entrance System
Long-Lasting Durability

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Residence Hall Furnishings
Adapts to Needs of Students

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Hi-Impact Wallboard Panel
Increased Mold Resistance

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Double Space Capacity

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The PerforMax, an entrance system suitable for use in schools and other facilities, is designed to handle high-traffic areas. The frame jamb consists of an internal steel angle and the door stile has an internal steel bar used to mount hinge hardware. The top rail and header with integral door stop have continuous internal steel bars for mounting surface closers. Sustain Residence Hall Furniture has high-quality construction, versatility for students and environmental sensitivity. It comes in three finish colors and four chair fabrics. An exclusive PowerUp module installed directly into the desktop ensures easy access power and data connections. True Climaplus Acoustical Ceiling Panels can be used in libraries, conference/ lobby areas and more. They are made of perforated aluminum and covered with a fine-textured, smooth acoustical facing. The panels are fitted into a concealed suspension system to create a clean plane with minimal reveal. The Hi-Impact Brand XP wallboard is an improved gypsum panel and provides better overall performance than fiber-reinforced gypsum panels, the maker says. Designed to meet the increasing demand for mold/mildew resistance in all major construction areas, the wallboard is suited for high-activity environments such as schools, dormitories and more. It features a type X core to provide additional fire resistance when used in tested systems. This mobile system provides maximum storage density by eliminating the space required for multiple aisles. It effectively doubles the capacity of existing space or frees up half the space for other activities. The multitude of features and options available include StoreFront sorter units, multiple choices of safety systems and code-access controls. The versatility of this storage system makes it possible to mount virtually any type of storage housing on the mobile carriages, including a customer’s existing shelving and cabinets.