Uses A Two-Cycle Engine
New oil-injected rammer series feature a patented oil-injection system. The system is available on the BS 500, BS 600 and BS 700 series, which range in weight from 115 to 159 lb and offer 2,695 to 3,375 lb per blow. They are powered by the maker's exclusive WM 80 engine, the only two-cycle engine in the industry designed especially to withstand tough rammer applications. The oil-injection system is designed directly into the WM 80 and eliminates the need for premixing gas and oil. WACKER; 262/257-4131; email:julie.shuster@am.wackergroup.com

Expanded Height and Lift

ompany introduces two smaller frame vertical-lift skid steer loaders with a unique linkage that offers a lift height of more than 9 ft, 11 in. and a reach of 30 in. at a bucket angle of 45û. The expanded height and reach of models 232 and 242, combined with rated capacities of 1,750 lb and 1,900 lb, respectively, make both units suitable for a variety of jobs, including higher stacking of pallets of bricks, concrete blocks and other materials. CATERPILLAR INC.; 309/675-8995; www.Cat.com

Fully Automatic
Designed for the building construction industry, the DX 460 is a fully automatic powder-actuated fastening system. The new tool, along with the maker's proven magazine and concrete and steel fasteners, enables workers to increase job site productivity. The DX 460 uses a fully automatic system composed of the MX 72 magazine and an automatic piston return. With a fine-tuned power regulation feature, a constant high fastening quality is achieved even in the most demanding repetitive applications. HILTI INC.; 800/879-8000; www.us.hilti.com

Consumer Alkaline Battery Operation
Ditch Witch Subsite 300SR/ST electronic locating system can be used by plumbers, utilities and contractors to locate buried telephone, power, CATV, gas, sewer and water lines. The system includes a 300SR receiver and 300ST transmitter. Both components feature a backlit display that enhances visibility. The receiver operates up to 40 hours on six C-cell batteries. The transmitter has a choice of two active line frequencies, 8 or 29 kHz, and operates up to 150 hours on six D-cell batteries. THE CHARLES MACHINE WORKS INC.; 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com

Poured or Pumped
This structural repair mortar, Sealtight Meadow-Crete FNP, is designed for the reinstatement or repair of beams, columns, balcony edges or for partial depth or full depth placement in industrial, residential and civil engineering applications. The product is a one-component, shrinkage-compensated, corrosion-inhibitor, enhanced-repair mortar that is very flowable and can be formed and poured or formed and pumped with a suitable group pump. W.R. MEADOWS INC.; 800/342-5976; www.wrmeadows.com