Mini-Skid System Trailers
All-In-One Package
Compact Power Inc.; 800/476-9673;

Glass Fastening System
The new Edge-Clamped-Glass system is engineered to provide a clean, highly transparent way to fasten glazing directly to the supporting structure without the use of a standard aluminum mullion support system. The unique adjustability of the ECG system enables the use of glazing in complicated designs, reduces installation time and provides a more economical alternative to point-supported glass. Novum Structures, formerly MERO Structures Inc., 800/323-0072;

Circular Saw
LED Lights Built into the Tool Housing
Model 5008FA is a new 8 1⁄4-in. circular saw with a 15-amp motor that delivers 5,200 rpm. It features an electric brake for fast stopping of the blade and two LED lights that illuminate the line of cut for increased accuracy. The light itself is built into the tool housing so as not to obstruct vision or interfere with the line of cut. A separate on/off switch for the light is located on the tool body to be easily activated by the operator. The saw will bevel cut up to 45˚, with cutting capacities of 2 7⁄8-in. at 0˚ and 2 1⁄4-in. at 45˚. Makita USA Inc.; 800/462-5482;

Grade Control System
Increased Flexibility
Manufacturer introduces a new version of its 3D Grade Control System. The enhanced GCS900 Grade Control System provides contractors with increased flexibility and in-cab control. The new features in Version 10 offer contractors two additional dozer configurations—the option to use the ATS Construction Total Station and the option to use single GPS. It also has a new Auto Side Shift option for motor grader blades and a new graphical CB430 in-cab display that features a large, daylight-readable display, with dimmer control for either day or night operation. Trimble; 408/481-8000;

3D Excavating
Guidance System
DigSmart 3D is an excavator guidance system that enhances machine productivity. It utilizes an electronic design file of the site to guide digging directly from the operator's seat. A graphic monitor displays project design information and 3D GPS position for the operator to set proper bucket elevation and position for grade requirements. Its dual GPS antenna system indicates the exact position of the bucket teeth anywhere on the site. Leica Geosystems Inc.; 770/326-1540;

Motor Graders
Articulated Steering Systems
Four new motor graders, the TG110, TG150, TG190 and TG210, give operators a choice among four weight classes and a choice of tandem or all wheel drive. They feature a compact design, a blade geometry that allows 90˚ positioning on either side of the machine, a 30˚ articulating frame and a hydraulic front wheel steering system which allows the machines to operate in confined work areas. All four models deliver power ranging from 132 to 220 hp. TEREX Corp.; 662/393-1800;

Stay-Level Handles
Model CS-7060, a new walk-behind pavement saw, is designed for professional cutters engaged in road work and repair plus those on any job where high-production cutting is required. The saw features unique stay-level handles that remain level regardless of the saw’s operating position. Powered by a 60-hp Deutz diesel engine, the CS-7060 saw has a 36-in. blade capacity and a maximum cutting depth of 15 in. Additional features include a vibration control mounting system to cut handle bar vibration. A night light is optional. STOW Construction Equipment; 877/289-7869;

Sliding Beam Anchor
Lightweight and Easy To Use
Manufacturer introduces the new Glyder II sliding beam anchor. The 3.7-lb system is easy to move and install and has new safety features. The ratcheting adjustment feature allows the user to quickly connect or disconnect the anchor. A guarded locking mechanism protects it from being kicked or forced open. The sliding beam anchor has a capacity rating of 420 lb and a 5,000-lb strength rating. It is adjustable and can fit a wide range of beam sizes. DBI-SALA, a division of Capital Safety; 800/328-6146;

Turns Trigger-Type Tool into Bump-Fire Tool
Contractors can turn any trigger-type, powder-actuated fastening tool into a bump-fire tool with this patented Smacker cradle, the manufacturer says. The universal cradle is long-reaching with one 3-ft section and can be used with any of five powderactuated tools, including the P3500, PA3500, P35s, PA351 and PA3600 models. It also can be used with the Hilti DX-35 and DX-350 and ITW Ramset Cobra and SA-270 models. The tools feature advanced designs that offer flexibility in repetitive fastening applications. Powers Fasteners Inc.; 914/235-6300;

Tracing XBIT
No Need for Tape Measurements
Manufacturer adds the patented RotoZip XB-MPGP2 Tracing XBIT, the industry’s first full-fledged multi-purpose tracer, to its product line. It is designed to make perfect cuts every time by avoiding the object behind the surface and only cutting out the material desired. It can be used with a variety of materials. From electrical boxes to window frames and more, this new bit eliminates the need for measurement. RotoZip; 877/768-6947;

Five different trailer packages for the Boxer BRUTE, Boxer and Kanga Kid lines of products are specially designed to house a variety of attachments while still leaving enough room to maneuver the mini-skid on and off the trailer. The system trailer is a tool kit on wheels that includes up to 10 attachments plus the machine in the same package. The trailer is equipped with receptacle areas for each attachment and includes a 2-in. coupler for towing.