For "High-Heat" Jobs
Available in 250-, 350- and 450-amp models, Spray Master series guns come equipped with heavy-duty contact tips and diffusers that make them suitable for operation in extreme conditions. The 350- and 450-amp models are available with optional locking or dual-schedule triggers. Spray Master guns are rated at 80% duty cycle with argon/carbon dioxide gases. They feature an ergonomic handle design to reduce welder's fatigue. They have only 11 parts, which reduces maintenance and repair. TWECO ARCAIR; 314/721-5573;

For Residential or Commercial Use
SHEERFRAME solarium skylight system combines design, performance, long life and durability by using u-PVC components. Skylights have fully welded frame corners to enhance insulation and all structural members are reinforced to perform under heavy snow loads. Compression seals are used throughout the system, along with insulating glass. The u-PVC components are impervious to degradation from rust or rot, says the maker. The sloped, glazed insulated units are built with a combination of tempered and laminated glass. System can be custom-manufactured. L.B. PLASTICS INC.; 704/663/1543;

Hard-rock Drilling Capability
JT4020 all-terrain unit performs directional drilling and steering in extreme conditions such as solid and broken rock, cobble and solid rock mixtures. The dual-drive drilling system can make installations to distances up to 1,000 ft. Unit has a 185-hp turbocharged diesel engine and develops 40,000-lb pullback, 5,000 ft-lb of spindle torque and spindle speeds up to 250 rpm. Four-point anchoring holds unit in place. The small footprint of the system allows set-up in confined areas. THE CHARLES MACHINE WORKS INC.; 800/654/6481;

For Earthmoving Machines
CAESultra is an advanced computer aided earthmoving system (CAES) that is used for grade and slope control, material and ore contraction guidance and compactor tracking. Real-time display shows the location of the machine in relation to the site plan, as well as how much material must be cut or filled, what areas to load out or the number of compactor passes. Operator can view up-to-the-minute plans, current topography and cross-sections, which the unit updates as surface is altered. CATERPILLAR INC.; 800/290/1808;

Measures Hard-to-Reach Locations
The handheld Spectra Precision Laser HD360 is a contractor's portable tool that includes a data display screen and a six-button keypad. Using laser technology, it is capable of measuring distance, area and volume, with an accuracy of ±3 mm or better, at ranges up to 60 m. Safety is improved because no physical contact with the distance target is required. HD360 is capable of measuring hazardous or inaccessible locations such as those in high places, over obstacles or in lift shafts. TRIMBLE NAVIGATION LIMITED; 408/481/8000;

Maintains 100% Tie-off
Miller DeltaForce horizontal lifeline system is available for I-beam or concrete applications and enables workers to maintain 100% tie-off for continuous fall protection along the entire lifeline. System is adaptable to concrete installations by attaching to rebar or specified single-flared coil insets. DeltaForce is available in single-span systems up to 60 ft and multiple-span systems up to 300 ft. It is designed for applications with no overhead fall protection anchorage. System can be easily installed by one person. DALLOZ FALL PROTECTION; 800/873/5242

High Level of Segregation-resistance
Boral SL allows for the production of self-compacting concrete, which is highly flowable and requires no vibration for compaction while completely filling the frame. Also maintains high level of segregation resistance. Admixture helps achieve a smooth surface and ensures compaction in areas that are difficult to vibrate. BORAL MATERIAL TECHNOLOGIES INC.; 877/552-6725;

Oscillating Axle for Smoother Ride
1350SJP boom lift has a 135-ft platform height and features drive-out extendible axles that facilitate deployment. Lift has 4WD and steer for jobsite navigation. JibPLUS articulating jib has horizontal and vertical range of motion for greater platform maneuverability and ease of transport. Restricted platform capacity is 1,000 lb; unrestricted capacity is 500 lb. Oscillating axle provides a smoother ride as well as better traction. A large work envelope provides increased jobsite productivity. JLG INDUSTRIES INC.; 240/420-8721;