HP Series Breakers
Rock Breaking Applications

Indeco North America; 800/542-6637: www.indeco-breakers.com

New Handle Helps Reduce Vibration

Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244; www.multiquip.com


Mini Skid Steer
Runs Longer

The Charles Machine Works Inc.; 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com

Redefines Performance

Volvo Construction Equipment North America Inc.; 828/650-2000; www.volvoce.com
The largest model of the new HP Series line of breakers is the HP 16000. It has an operating weight of 17,200 lb and is designed to fit excavators weighing 75 tons and up. The HP 16000 offers a hydraulic flow of 86 to 111 gallons per minute and up to 3,400 psi to provide high impact blow-after-blow, says the manufacturer. Also, the new slim line design provides improved maneuverability and increased operator visibility. These gasoline-powered rammers–the MT-65HA, MT-74FA and MT-84F–can be used in trenches, around retaining walls and when solidifying bases for concrete slabs, roads, bridge columns and more. New features include contoured handles to help reduce vibration up to 61% as well as functional duck bill fuel caps and diaphragm carburetors that let operators lay down each unit without fuel spills. The new Ditch Witch SK350 mini skid steer includes a 7.5-gallon fuel tank that allows users to run the machine for five hours or more without refueling. The exterior position of both the gas and hydraulic tanks mounted on the frame enable operators to refuel or top off hydraulic fluid without raising the engine hood. It also has a 12-gpm auxiliary circuit flow that allows it to drive more than 70 utility attachments. The new 70-ton CE700B excavator is equipped with the largest-capacity engine in its class of excavators. It has an output of 464 gross hp at 1,800 rpm. In addition, it features a large counterweight and long, wide-gauge tracks. It is now being field tested and will begin production in the fourth quarter for delivery in first quarter of 2006.