Ride-On Trowel

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PEX Piping
Replaces Copper Tubing

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Dust collection vacuum
Self-Cleaning System

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Random Crack Saw
Blade-Height Control

General Equipment Co.; 800/533-0524; www.generalequip.com The new BG70 ride-on double trowel is a non-overlapping machine that can be equipped with blades or pans. It has a 70-in. working width and is fitted with a 20-hp Honda GX620 gasoline engine. The BG70 weighs 705 lb and has a high-speed blade rotation of 70 to 150 rpm. Additional features on the new model include optimized weight distribution (engine centrally placed), adjustable seat forward and backward, two lifting eyes on each side of the seat for balanced lifting, as well as retardant spray tank and three halogen lights. Dura-Pex crosslinked polyethylene piping provides green building contractors with an alternative to copper tubing. Production of PEX pipe, which is prepared from polyethylene pellets that are extruded and cross-linked, requires a modest energy outlay of about 4,000 BTU per ft. The pipe ordinarily does not sweat, reducing the potential for mold growth behind walls. Although PEX tubing is not biodegradable, it can be finely ground and recycled as a filler. The CS 1225 wet/dry vacuum system for electric tools is designed for efficient dust extraction on job sites and in shops. It features an automatic filter cleaning system, a 15-ft hose and a 25-ft power cord. A tool adapter easily connects portable electric tools for dust removal while the tool is in operation. A power-take-off outlet activates the vacuum on and off from the power-tool switch and includes a seven-second shut-off delay to clean any dust left in the hose. This saw is made to follow random crack patterns in asphalt and concrete surfaces. It uses 8-in. dia., dry-cut diamond blades to produce smooth-sided cuts for proper crack filling procedures. The CS8 is powered by an 11-hp Honda engine equipped with a Cyclone-type filter system for protection against fine-graded dust contamination. An available propane engine conversion allows use in confined areas where gasoline exhaust fumes are not permissible.