Circular Saw
Two-Point Cutting Angle Lock
The new WSC 267-E circular saw features a 13.5-amp motor and six speed settings. It is equipped with Smart Power and a two-point cutting angle lock to keep the blade securely in place. The Smart Power system allows the circular saw to maintain constant blade speed under load. Positioned on the top of the tool, the lower blade guard release is designed to be operated in one fluid motion and keeps hands away from the blade. For added comfort, the front hand grip islocated on the base. Hilti Inc.; 800/879-8000;

Double Wall Piping
Unitary Extruded Design
Poly-Flo unitary double containment piping system for chloromination is designed for the transport of aqueous ammonia used in new water treatment disinfection processes. Poly-Flo is available with low point leak detection probes and monitoring station. It has a unitary extruded design and is constructed of polypropylene and high-density polyethylene materials. Poly-Flo fittings come in sizes 1x2, 2x3 and 4x6. Asahi/America Inc.; 781/321-5409;

Electronic Descalers
For Large-Diameter Industrial Pipe
Seven new industrial models have been added to the manufacturer’s UL-listed ScaleBlaster line of electronic descalers. These models handle standard diameters of nonsteel pipe ranging from 12 in. to 40 in. and of steel pipe from 4 in. to 26 in. Signal coils continuously transmit fluctuating square-wave frequencies through the pipe wall to the moving water stream inside. These microprocessor-controlled frequencies cause calcium carbonates to lose their adhesive, scale-forming properties. ClearWater Enviro Technologies Inc.; 800/756-7946;

Vibration Isolation System
Manufacturer introduces four rotary/demolition hammers with 19.9 ft-lb of blow energy, an in-line design and user friendly features. The new models– 5337-21 3Ú4-in. hex demolition hammer, 5340-21 2-in. spline rotary hammer, 5339-21 SDS-Max demolition hammer and 5342-21 2-in. SDS-Max rotary hammer–feature vibration reducing materials and a floating-action switch handle that cuts vibration to the user. The handle can be mounted left, right or at the rear of the tool to comfortably match the application. These tools have all-metal barrels and gear housings, metal side handles and steel gears and components. They are built to operate at least 200 hours before needing planned maintenance, according to the maker. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800/729-3878;

With Rearview Mirror
A new passive rear camera/ monitor system utilizes leading edge technology to assist in eliminating backing accidents. It features a high-quality color camera and a 2-in. or 3.5-in. LCD color display, built into the rearview mirror. The system is being designed to work in conjunction with Rostra’s other products such as the digital, microprocessor-based ROSS Pro rear obstacle sensing system. Rostra Precision Controls: 800/782-3379;