Ride-On Trowel
With Electronic Steering

Wacker Corp.; 262/257-4131; www. wackergroup.com

Skid-Steer Option
Change Attachments Without Leaving Maching

Holland Construction; 262/636-0447; www.newhollandconstruction.com

Road Marking System
Defined Agglomerate Markings/Multi-Dot Line

Hofmann GmbH;+49 4101 3027-0; www.hofmannmarking.de

Easy UpFit

Dodge; 248/576-7965; www.dodge.com

Rumble Strip Cutter
New Features

Wirtgen America Inc.; 615/501-0600; www.wirtgenamerica.com

This new concrete ride-on trowel, model CRT 48-31V-ES-E, features an electronic steering mechanism. The manufacturer has replaced the traditional mechanical steering mechanism with an advanced “fly-by-wire” system. Modeled after electronics used in the aerospace industry, the steering system is comprised of an on-board computer that allows the operator to direct the trowel through the use of two joysticks. Super Boom skid-steer features a hydraulic mount plate that allows the user to exchange attachments right from the seat. The Attachment locking levers are engaged and disengaged without leaving the machine. Switching from one job to another is quick and easy with the Pick Up 'n Go universal attachment system. New A maker of road marking systems develops an application technique suitable for defined agglomerate markings due to its retroreflection visibility in wet conditions. The main types being used are stochastic agglomerate patterns made from two-component cold plastic or special thermoplastic material that are applied with spiked rollers. Accurately defined distances between the individual marking dots enable water to drain easier. The Sprinter cab/chassis has been introduced to the U.S. commercial van market. Designed with the body-builder in mind, the cab/chassis enables easy upfit for virtually any commercial need. The Sprinter cab/chassis features flat frame rails that provide a good mounting surface. The fuel filler neck and nozzle integrated with the cab helps eliminate the need to reroute the fuel fill system or build bodies around the fuel fill system. Taillight wiring harnesses may be lengthened easily to fit extended utility bodies, or taillights may be deleted altogether if needs require. Mounted on the W 600 DC, the Rumbler III cutter permits fast installation of rumble strips on existing paved shoulders at up to 180 ft per minute, depending on materials and requirements. Standard cutter width is 16 in., with depth adjustable to 1 in. To enhance operator comfort, the Rumbler III drum housing has been made the width of the tractor. Additional new features on this model include a six-sided rumble wheel with urethane pads and a hydraulic rumble wheel drive.