Four-Cycle Rammer
Up to 3,950 lb of Impact Force

Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244;


Utility Vehicle
Four Configurations

Kubota Tractor Corp.; 888/458-2682;

All-In-One Attachments
For Skid-Steers

Loegering; 800/373-5441;

Telescopic Tool Carrier
Canopy or Cab

JCB Inc.; 888/742-5522;

Hydraulic Hammers
Improved Performance

Caterpillar; 309/675-8995; Mikasa’s MT-84F rammer is designed for compaction work in trenches, retaining walls and on pads. It is equipped with a 3.5-hp Robin EH-12 gasoline engine that is more fuel-efficient, quieter and has lower emissions than two-cycle rammers, says the maker. The unit also features numerous improvements such as longer air filter service intervals and more blows per minute. It travels at 36 ft per minute and can compact a maximum area of 2,000 sq ft per hour. The RTV900, the manufacturer’s first ever utility vehicle, is available in four configurations with a wide variety of accessories. It is suitable for worksite, general purpose, turf and recreational applications. The RTV900 features the maker’s exclusive three-range variable hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic power steering. The three-range shifting provides operational speeds ranging from 0 to 25 mph. This versatile attachment for skid-steers, called Demo-Dozer, combines all the capabilities of most other buckets into one attachment. It is designed to help speed excavation, landscaping, demolition and blading by giving the operator an arsenal of attachments all in one and all at once, according to the maker. The attachment can be used for concrete and asphalt removal, demolition, removing obstructions and more. Demo-Dozer is available in overall widths of 61 in., 67 in., 73 in., 79 in. and 85 in. The open height for all sizes is 33.4 in. and the overall length is 34.9 in. Measuring 61 in. wide and 77 in. high, the new 9,700-lb 520-40 Loadall allows the operator to work in confined areas previously reserved for skid-steer loaders—with the extended reach. The unit has a 4,000-lb rated operating capacity at its full lift height of 13 ft, 2 in. and a 2,000-lb ROC at its maximum forward reach of 8 ft, 4 in. It also features an outside turn radius of 120 in. The H160Ds hydraulic hammer is built on the strengths of its predecessor model, H160Cs, but incorporates many enhanced components and features. The hammer measures 116.2 in. from the top plate to the tip of the tool. It has an operating weight of 6,946 lb and can be equipped with up to seven different standard and special tools for maximum versatility.