All-Terrain Vehicle
Durable, Reinforced Rubber Tracks

TerraTrak; 800/523-6993;

Boring Attachment
Confined Areas

Bobcat Co.; 866/823-7898;

Site Positioning
Tracks Work Flow

Trimble Navigation Ltd.; 408/481-8000;


Utility Line locator
Offers Users A Simplified Line Tracing Method

Manufacturer introduces the new RIDGID SeekTech SR-20 utility line locator. This patent pending tool features advanced technology that offers users a simplified method for utility line tracing. Powered by OmniSeek technology, the SeekTech SR-20 uses a combination of multi-directional antennas and frequencies, a revolutionary mapping display and state-of-the art processing to provide users with more information to effectively and easily locate underground utilities. Ridge Tool Co.; 800/769-7743;


Without Leaving Office

iBEAM Systems Inc.; 208/344-8002; www. RangeRunner is an all-new utility vehicle that is gaining popularity in markets that include utility, government, construction, agriculture and more. It features twin independently driven rubber tracks that are supported by a dynamic suspension system. An optional front and rear auxiliary hydraulic system allows hydraulic attachments to be added through quick-pin receiver hitches. With 1,650 sq in. of track surface supporting the 1,580-lb vehicle, it can safely transport personnel and cargo while maintaining a ground pressure at or below 1.0 psi. A new boring attachment drill is specially designed to fit on the manufacturer’s MT50 through MT55 mini track loaders and the 463 skid steer loader. It allows landscaping contractors to install utilities under driveways, sidewalks and other obstructions with minimal disturbance to existing structures. The boring attachment can install pipe as large as 2 in. in diameter. The new Site Positioning System is designed to provide contractors with a state-of-the art construction positioning solution. It will allow contractors to track, report, validate and control work flow from receipt of initial designs to project completion, says the manufacturer. The system includes a new total station, two GPS receivers and construction-centric software for heavy and highway construction applications. The iBEAM Visual Communication System is a portable broadcast system for architects, engineers and construction managers. It creates more effective communication by allowing them to see job site conditions without having to leave their offices. The system sends a stream of live images from a portable camera in the field to up to 20 remote viewers located anywhere in the world. Viewers can capture images with a single mouse click. The images can be annotated with text, circles and arrows and can be saved, printed or sent as an e-mail attachment.