Four-Cycle Rammer
Low-Oil Shutoff
The BS 50-4s and BS 60-4s are the first rammers in the industry with technology that shuts the engine off when oil is low. The rammers have an electronic capacitive sensor switch mounted into the bottom of the crankcase. When oil is low, a red flashing light signals the operator and the rammer shuts off within about 10 seconds. The units have 2.8 hp engines. The 137-lb BS 50-4s hits with 2,645 lb per blow, and the BS 60-4s weighs 154 lb and hits with 2,975 lb per blow. Wacker Group; 262/257-4131;

Telescopic Cranes
Designed for Light Loads
Telescopic Cranes: Designed for Light Loads Electric telescopic cranes including models 2003i, 3203i, 4004i and 6006i are specifically designed for lighter lifting applications in the construction, utility, public works, energy and railroad markets. The cranes range in capacity from 2,000 lb (7,000 ft-lb) to 6,000 lb (36,000 ft-lb). With maximum reaches ranging from 7 ft to 22 ft, the cranes feature both manual and power booms and rotations. They also are equipped as 12V DC and 24V DC power sources. Iowa Mold Tooling Co.; 515/557-2010;

Concrete Pump
Concrete pump: Truck-Boom The 43Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump combines 138-ft, 5-in. vertical reach and five boom sections in a versatile Z-folding configuration. With a highly compact outrigger design, the unit features an outrigger spread of only 26 ft, 1 in. in front and 29 ft, 6 in. in rear. Hydraulically operated, the boom provides maneuverability on congested job sites and accurate concrete placement, the maker says. Putzmeister America; 800/884-7210;

Metal Cutter
Spiral Saw
Metal Cutter: Spiral Saw An alternative to metal snips, shears, power shears, nibblers, and other metal cutters, the XB-MC1 is the industry's firt-ever metal cutting spiral saw, says the maker. With a 5/32-in.-dia solid carbide bit, the saw can cut duct work, auto body panels, gutters, aluminum siding, sheet metal or metal studs up to 18-gauge thickness. A drill point tip enables plunge cutting for complex cutouts. Bits are available for other applications. RotoZip; 877-ROTOZIP;