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Aluminum Swing Door
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The new Series 1400 aluminum swing terrace door is a heavy-commercial- rated product designed for replacement and new construction in high-rise building applications. Features include an extra-heavy-duty 31�4-in. frame depth and 1-in. insulating tempered glass. Besides special and two-tone color choices, special finishes such as anodizing and Kynar are available. The Series 1400 door comes standard as an out-swing unit and it is also available with in-swing operation. Crystal Windows & Door Systems; 718/961-7300;

Roofing Sheet
Zinc/Tin Coat

Follansbee Steel; 800/
Manufacturer introduces a new line of acrylic color caulk, with exact color matches to all of its 86 wall base colors. The sealant/adhesive caulk is developed for floor and wall base-finish touch-ups. It also can be used to fill gaps or irregularities during installation of rubber or vinyl wall base, wall base corners, stair treads, tile, mouldings and other flooring finishes. The color caulk hides installation imperfections and is available in a 5.5 fl oz squeeze tube. Advantage Reflective Low-E glass is an architectural pyrolytic glass that combines subtle reflectivity with desired thermal and solar control performance. It comes in Arctic Blue, Grey, Blue-Green, Bronze, Clear and EverGreen. The Eclipse Advantage glass can be handled, cut, heat-treated, bent and laminated like standard glass. This single-source metal composite wall system, FormaBond, offers design flexibility and customization with crisp folds, smooth curves and sharp corners. The panels are molded, complete with integral patent-pending panel joinery and stiffeners and come ready to install. The aluminum is produced from 80% recycled material and the scrap produced in fabrication is less than 10%. The aluminum face and liner is 60% thicker than other ACM materials and features a standard highly cross-linked polymeric core that meets fire code requirements for low and high-rise buildings. Chromix admixtures for color-conditioned concrete is a reliable, streak-free system for bringing both strength and beauty to vertical or horizontal construction projects, says the manufacturer. Chromix admixtures come in both liquid and powder. They offer designers an almost unlimited color palette with 400 standard and special order colors. The concrete admixtures provide permanent, nonfading concrete-conditioning and are premeasured and prepackaged for error-free batching and accurate results. Applications include all types of projects ranging from floors and hard landscapes to cast-in-place or precast walls. ABS 2005 is an integrated object-oriented application for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers. It enables faster, more accurate analysis and design, resulting in better building performance and sustainable or green design, the maker says. New data-linking capabilities allow engineers to transfer data from models created in building systems 2005 software to industry-leading analysis applications. It helps reduce the risk of design errors by allowing conflicts to be resolved during the design phase, rather than at the construction site. Made from a 16-oz. copper substrate using a stucco-embossed profile, StoneCrest Copper roofing system is best suited for architecturally significant buildings, higher-end homes and historical projects. The system offers a four-way locking system that gives the shingles a weather-tight performance. StoneCrest Copper is available in 15 panels per box, two boxes per square. A pre-engineered and prefabricated system for designing and building ceiling domes quickly, precisely and economically is now available, the manufacturer says. The system uses custom interlocking components that help to eliminate the guesswork of onsite measuring, bending and cutting. The drywall suspension system for domes enables architects to cost-effectively incorporate domes into ceiling design, while providing assurances that domes will be constructed to exact design specifications on the jobsite. A new line of Duranar SPF coatings meets the Energy Star requirements for roof products to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by a structure. The coatings are specially formulated using infrared reflective pigments to increase the reflectivity of medium to dark colors. Architects can now specify reflective coatings for metal roofs without sacrificing color choices. KlassicKolors is a prepainted Terne II Z/T (zinc/tin) coated roofing sheet offered in an extensive palette of designer colors. Its base sheet is coated with the company’s patented zinc/tin alloy and then painted with Valspar’s Fluropon solar reflective paint coatings. KlassicKolors is available in a selection of hues, ranging from deep, rich tones of red, blue, green and gray to earth tones of beige, tans and browns and also custom colors. The enhanced fabricating qualities of the product make it suitable for preformed roofing systems. The coatings stand up to the bending and shaping processes of roll forming, says the maker.