For Aesthetically Sensitive Buildings

Dow Corning 991 is a one-component silicone joint sealant with proprietary stain-resistant technology. It is now offered in North America as an alternative to the two-part Dow Corning 756 Silicone Building Sealant-H.P., due to industry's demand for weatherproofing sealants that resist staining of sensitive substrates and streaking on glass and metal curtain wall panels. The 991 sealant is a ready-to-use version that cures to a traditional semi-gloss finish. Its rapid tack-free time helps reduce dirt pickup, the company says. Dow Corning Corp.; 800/637-5377;

Part of Three-Step Top of Wall Firestop

The new CP767 speed strips, combined with the manufacturer's CP672 speed spray and CP777 speed plugs, provide an integrated, UL-approved top-of- wall firestop solution for a range of renovation and new construction applications. The speed strips provide 100% firestop coverage with a flexible, easy-to-install and convenient speed strip design. The strips are available in a range of handy quantities to provide linear feet coverage for any size job, according to the company. Hilti Inc.; 800/879-6000;

Eliminates Use of Wired Glass

FireLite Plus is the laminated, impact safety-rated version of the wireless fire-rated glass ceramic FireLite. It meets the impact safety standard wired glass was incapable of satisfying: CPSC 16CFR 1201 Category II (400 fpi). FireLite Plus carries fire ratings up to 3 hours in doors and up to 90 minutes in other jobs. FireLite Plus fits in the maker's narrow profile Fireframes, as well as standard fire-rated hollow metal framing. It can be used in educational and athletic facilities. Technical Glass Products; 888/397-3473;

45-Minute Fire Rating

Pyrostop fire-resistant glass has been tested and approved by UL for a demanding 45-minute fire rating. It is suited for any application calling for a fire rating from 45 minutes up to and including 2 hours. Typical applications include high-activity areas like recreational and indoor court facilities in schools, colleges/universities and health clubs. Specific applications for 45-minute fire-rated glass include transoms, windows and doors (including hollow metal doors). The glass can be used up to a maximum area of 4,500 sq in. Pilkington North America Inc.; 419/247-4694;

Six Standard Colors

Manufacturer is about to launch two new products, SikaSil-C 990 and SikaSil-C 995. SikaSil-C 995 is a one-component silicone sealant with movement capability of +/-50%. It has been tested and meets ASTM C920 Class 50 requirements. It can be used for glazing, perimeter seals, glass-glass and glass-metal joints in curtain wall construction and other weatherseal applications. Both products are available in six standard colors as well as custom colors. Sika Corp.; 201/933-8800;

Handheld Pendant Control

This powered tarping system offers a safe way to tarp loads without having to climb on the back of trailers or on top of loads. The operator simply connects a tarp to the spreader bar and guides the tarp along the length of the trailer by handheld pendant control and powered winch system. The systems can be customized to fit a specific application and are available in a variety of materials of construction. Optional platform and stairs are available to provide a safe access to side of trailers. Carbis Inc.; 866/518-8677;

Plasmatic Core Adds Flexibility

This premolded membrane vapor seal with plasmatic core is a seven-ply, weather-coated, permanently bonded, semi-flexible bituminous core board. It is composed of a homogeneous, high melt- point bituminous material, in combination with an exclusive plasmatic core. PMPC offers a true vaporproof barrier and conforms to ASTM E 1993-98 specification. When applied properly, it stops moisture migration in footings, concrete floors and structural slabs, according to the manufacturer. W.R. Meadows Inc.; 847/214-2100;

Nonmetal, Corrugated Tube Design

Insuledge offers a unique design, incorporating a proprietary molding process to create the warmest flexible insulating glass spacer system. Insuledge is designed to meet the needs of window and insulating glass manufacturers who want to combine consumer value with high-performance products. It improves thermal performance by way of a nonmetal, dual seal, corrugated spacer that creates better window thermal values and reducing condensation. It is suitable for all window shapes.TruSeal Technologies Inc.; 216/910-1532;

Integrated Monitoring Capabilities

A new product called Reactor E-XP, a polyurea-dedicated proportioner, has been developed to meet the high-temperature, high-pressure demands of polyurea applications. It gives users of all experience levels assurance that the coating is applied correctly. Features include built-in diagnostics that help ease operator use. The proportioner also has a compact and functional design with a smooth, consistent electric pump that keeps pressures within 50 psi. Graco Inc.; 877/844-7226;

Pressure-Compensated Flow Control

Manufacturer introduces its new wide- cutting Core Cut CB55 hydraulic power unit. The Core Cut CB55 has a 55-hp Yanmar turbocharged, 1.0-liter, water-cooled engine with electric starter. It puts out a maximum 25 gallons per minute at 1,500 psi. Other features include a 50-gal hydraulic tank capacity, a secondary outlet of 2 gpm with 1,500 psi and pressure-compensated flow control. Diamond Products; 800/321-5336;

Secondary Water Barrier

Designed for both commercial and residential construction jobs, a new product called Typar HouseWrap acts as a secondary water barrier. It prevents water intrusion and helps protect the wall cavity from mold, mildew and water damage. Virtually waterproof, Typar's water holdout is balanced with an optimal perm rating of 13.9. It also features enhanced surfactant resistance and good ultraviolet performance. BBA Nonwovens Reemay Inc; 800/284-2780;

Unique Aqua-Green Aesthetics

Two new architectural glasses featuring unique aqua-green aesthetics and solar control efficiencies join the manufacturer's line of spectrally selective and high-performance glass products. Caribia glass has a distinct aqua-green tone. Solarcool Caribia glass adds the soft reflectivity of the maker's long-standing Solarcool-coated glass to achieve a reflective warm green aesthetic. Spectrally selective glasses are designed to take advantage of natural daylight while lowering solar heat loads in commercial buildings. PPG Industries Inc.; 800/377-5267;

Two-in-One Unit

The SX2KUE autofeed screw gun system is designed for use with 1 to 2-in. screws for fastening drywall to wood or light and heavy-gauge steel studs. The 6.5-lb tool offers the versatility of a long extension autofeed screw gun and a shorter tool with little tool configurations. Its 38 3/4-in. length enables the tool to handle and maneuver in applications such as roofing, decking and drywall. The tool also features a premium comfort grip, trigger and durable Sioux pneumatic body. Pam Fastening; 704/394-3141;

Heavy and Oversized Doors

Jak 50 is a 60-lb cart that allows one worker to safely transport, remove or install heavy doors of all types in residential and commercial applications. The cart folds for easy transport to and from jobsites and facility areas. It is rated to handle steel, fire-rated, solid core and commercial grade doors up to 250 lb. The line also includes the Door Jak 100, a heavy-duty full-featured commercial door cart with the capacity to carry up to 750 lb or more. Hardnox LLC; 866/687-0053; www.Door