Locking Blade
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MacLock Industries; 866/ 297-7233;

Fire-Rated Fixture

Prescolite Inc.; 864/599-6000.

Translucent Panels
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Kalwall; 603/625-5403; www.

Entrance Systems
Adaptable To Meet Local Codes

Vistawall Architectural Products; 972/551-6100;

News Switch Technology
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Nascom Inc.; 800/843-5530;

Panic Pushbar
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WSS; 49 02056170;

Dome Camera
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Extreme CCTV Inc.; 888/409-2288; www.

Fire Suppression
Water-Like, Damage-Free

Tyco Fire & Security; 715/735-7411; www. Compatible with almost any type of deadbolt hardware, the MacLock Blade Locking System is an alternative entry door-protection system ideal for multi-tenant buildings. MacLock distributes force over a much greater area than single deadbolts and has surpassed the BHMA Grade 1 Blow testing by 600%. The MacLock’s locking blade extends from the door through steel strike plates located in the door and jamb. It provides 28 in. of surface area and door-to-jamb locking power. The system is compatible with various commercial grade electronic keyless systems. Specifically designed for fire-rated applications, Prescolite’s patented FireTight downlight provides energy-efficient, high-output lighting in a recessed fixture that is UL-classified for installation in a range of fire-rated ceiling types. FireTight is ideal for multistory residential, commercial, and institutional environments. The fixture’s housings are constructed of 22-gauge corrosion-resistant steel encased in a 5�8-in. pre-assembled fire-resistant sheetrock enclosure. Up until now, the only glazing material allowed under the government’s anti-terrorism standards was laminated glass, structurally glazed in a heavy steel frame. Kalwall panels were tested recently for compliance with standards specified by both the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Dept. of Defense (DOD). Working with Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, a widely recognized blast authority, the Kalwall system passed a rigorous series of tests based on the GSA and DOD criteria for glazing materials. The applied blast loads varied from 2 to 6 psi with varying durations. While the panels were damaged at the higher blast loadings, no flying debris was generated and the panels were retained in the opening. Vistawall manufactures narrow, medium, and wide-stile standard entrances to meet a variety of building traffic requirements. All Vistawall entrances are 3 ft wide, ADA-compliant and have built-in features such as maximum security hook-bolt locks, 1-in.-dia push/pulls, and an adjustable astragal, with dual weathering, on each pair of doors. Shown at the right are wide-stile entrances on the new addition to the Dallas Convention Center. The 30-year-old reed switch technology currently being used in most security home and commercial systems is easily defeated by thieves using a simple store-bought magnet as well as by lightning or power surges, claims the manufacturer. The Nascom high-security switch using Magnasphere switch technology was designed specifically to eliminate these flaws. At the heart of the switch is a tiny magnetic ball floating freely inside a small metal housing–the switch remains closed only when a magnet is directly under the switch so it pulls the magnetic ball into contact with the case. Last April, the European Union passed a new building regulation guideline requiring panic locks which release the door in less than one second after pressure is exerted on the pushbar. An expert in manufacturing locks and metal fittings for almost 100 years, WSS responded to this demand in the market with an improved pushbar offering. The WSS panic pushbar consists of three layered profiles which can be slotted into each other from the front and from the side. Very slight direct pressure on the three-part bar is sufficient to activate the mechanism. The Moondance speed dome camera is a high-performance, ruggedized PTZ dome camera with 216x total zoom, precision resolver positioning, telemetry receiver and IR-sensitive CCD encased in a stainless steel housing. Waterproof and corrosion-resistant, Moondance has been installed at a hydroelectric power station in France and at the Hebrides Islands off the coast of Scotland. Applications include commercial and public buildings, marine and coastal environments, mobile police vans and corrosive/caustic environments. Tyco Fire & Security’s new introduction, the Ansul Sapphire fire-suppression system, utilizes a new "sustainable" chemical agent that fights fires without causing any damage to electronics, works of art, irreplaceable artifacts, and other critical assets. Its 3M Novec 1230 fire-protection fluid looks exactly like water but does not cause the type of damage associated with water when putting out a fire. According to Tyco, the fluid quickly evaporates and leaves objects unaffected.