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Tile Remover
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Novatek Corp.; 866/563-7800; The new One600 JobPro camera allows professional contractors, specialty tradesmen, subcontractors and building inspectors to capture works-in-progress, create before and after shots or take general jobsite photographs. It features a simple point-and-click operation and new AutoSharp technology for capturing detailed shots as close as two feet, no matter what the size of the project, says the maker. One600 JobPro includes all the features and benefits of instant photography, along with a tripod mount and viewfinder dust shield. Model SI 105 HDT is an insulated telescoping and articulating truck-mounted aerial device designed for utility line work up to 500 kV. It features a 105-ft working height and 65-ft maximum side reach with a full 52-ft side reach at 75-ft working height. Coupled with a 360° continuous turntable rotation and 120° platform rotation, the SI 105 HDT can reach overhead working areas without repositioning the machine. Manufacturer introduces its new X-50 handheld electric saw, which is suitable for finish cuts and architectural scoring as well as decorative cutting applications. Features include the company’s patented low-noise and low-dust blade block enclosure with dust extraction port, a mechanical blade depth control, a 120-volt electric motor with soft-start and an adjustable cutting angle. The X-50 works in conjunction with Soff-Cut blades and patented skid plates to allow for ultra early-entry cutting that helps minimize chipping and spalling. The MTL20 is the third model to join the company’s line of rubber-track loaders. It has a higher ground clearance than the MTL16 and an overall width less than the MTL25, according to the manufacturer. The new unit is equipped with 18-in. rubber tracks, an 81-hp turbo diesel engine, a 2,976-lb lift capacity at 50% tip and a bucket breakout force of 7,401 lb. Also included are new push-button hydraulic controls, a hydraulic self-leveling lift action mechanism and an engine cover and rear door opening to allow easy access to engine parts. The Novastrip infrared tile remover heats tiles and allows them to be lifted intact therefore preventing the release of harmful dust or hazardous material. Two models are available: Novastrip 196 with a 14 x 14-in. footprint and the Novastrip 1026 with a 28 x 48-in. footprint, which can remove up to twelve 9-ft x 9-in. tiles or six 12 x 12-in. tiles at one time.