Linemen's Tool
New TE 56-ATC combihammer is designed for drilling and chiseling applications. An active torque control feature monitors the rotation of the tool and disengages the drive system if it senses the housing beginning to rotate too quickly. The tool is best suited for anchoring equipment in substations and cable racks in underground vaults. Hilti Inc.; 800/879-8000;

Aerial Work Platform
Insulated Boom
The SI 100 insulated aerial work platform is designed specifically to handle electric utility line work. It features a 100-ft platform height, up to 2,100-lb platform capacity and can be certified for bare hand work on lines up to 500 kv. The truck-mounted unit is insulated for live line work by using a fiber-optic control system running inside a filament-wound fiberglass boom, the manufacturer says. Bronto Skylift; 352/895-1109; e-mail:

Directional Drilling
Tight Areas
Ditch Witch JT1220 Mach 1 has an innovative pipe-loader design and maneuverable undercarriage system. It includes drill unit, drill pipe, downhole tools, tracker, fluid system and trailer. The Charles Machine Works Inc.; 800/654-6481;

Electrical-Mechanical Use
Models D25303K and D25304K are compact 1-in. SDS rotary hammers that measure less than 1�2 in. long and weigh about 6.5 lb. Both models are designed to last longer and hit harder, while providing better control for drilling or chipping in concrete, masonry, asphalt and tile, the manufacturer claims. Rated at 7.5 amps, the heavy-duty electronic variable speed motor delivers 2.3 ft-lb of impact energy. Each hammer comes with three modes of operation, including hammerdrill, drill-only and chipping. For versatility, the D25304K unit includes a quick-change removable keyless chuck that converts the hammer to a conventional 1�2-in. drill. DEWALT; 800/433-9258;

Concrete Column Anchor
Built-In Self-Retracting Lifeline
An anchor specifically designed for concrete form work eliminates the unsafe practice of using the exposed rebar as an anchorage point for fall protection. The system also replaces ladders or platforms to pour and vibrate concrete and provides protection while climbing the form with its built-in self-retracting lifeline. The 3-in-1 system provides an anchorage connector, fall arrest device and an adjustable work platform to accommodate different-sized people. Its lightweight aluminum construction helps make transportation, use and storage quick and easy. The anchor is available in a 12 or 16-ft version. DBI/SALA; 800/328-6146;

Tight-Tail Swing Excavator
Road Work
Model PC308USLC-3, a 179-hp hydraulic excavator, allows construction firms, underground utility companies and contractors to work on roadways, bridges, urban sites or any project where space is limited. The machine offers a maximum ISO-rated digging force of 44,530 lb and an arm crowd force of 33,290 lb, depending on arm length. Komatsu America Corp.; 847-970-5615;

New Steel Track Line
For Skid-Steers
Company expands its traction line of products to include the Z-Track. It is designed to give the added traction that skid-steer operator's need. The hammer-forged steel traction cleats are wear resistant and self cleaning. The track can be attached with a customized installation tool. The maker's three-hole link allows for numerous points where the track can be adjusted. Loegering; 800/373-5441;

Track loader
Radius-Path Lift-Arm Design
Manufacturer introduces the T250 compact track loader for use in applications ranging from construction, excavating, landscaping and nursery to municipal projects. Features include a 2,500-lb rated operating capacity with a radius-path lift-arm design for digging and grading. The T250 also has an 81-hp Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engine, 6,100 ft-lb of push force and 18-in. rubber tracks that provide 4.1-psi ground pressure. The machine is designed to work in tough terrain and in adverse weather conditions, according to the maker. Bobcat Co.; 866/823-7898;

Floor-Covering Scraper
Low Noise Level
The FCS16 Rip-R-Stripper, an electric-powered floor covering scraper, is used for removing such materials as carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum and mastics. It is fitted with a 3�4-hp, 115/230 VAC, 60-Hertz electric motor and provides noise levels of less than 70 dBA. With an exciter unit mounted directly to the driveshaft, the scraper uses downward force to bore into and strip away the applied floor covering and adhesive. General Equipment Co.; 800/533-0524;