Monitors Outrigger Settings

Truck-mounted aerial work platforms are now available with the new Bronto 2+ work envelope management system. It is designed to monitor the outrigger settings and platform load, which can be up to 1,000 lb and automatically keep platform movement within a safe operating work envelope. The system's display panel shows the maximum possible outreach in all directions for a given platform load both graphically and numerically. Duplicate display panels describing the activity are mounted on the platform and at the ground control. Bronto Skylift; 352/895-1109; e-mail:

Operates on Attachable Control Unit

A new version of this survey controller software for use with the manufacturer's new attachable control unit (ACU) allows surveyors to enhance productivity and improve workflow. The software, operating on the ACU controller, combines powerful data collection capabilities with an intuitive, color, graphical and easy-to-use interface. The ACU controller works with Trimble's surveying systems, including the 5600 total station. The software includes a wide range of routines, including advanced road layout. Trimble Navigation Ltd.; 408/481-7808;

Scan Mode with Remote Control

Model DW077, a new heavy-duty 18-volt self-leveling cordless rotary laser, is accurate to 1/8 in. per 100 ft and runs off the maker's standard battery system. It is fully automatic and designed for interior and general contractors, concrete workers, masons and more. It features an out-of-level shut-off mechanism, an intuitive control panel, one-button leveling, a bright, sharp high-power beam and a wireless remote control that works up to 200 ft from the laser. DeWalt Industrial Tool Co.; 800/433-9258;

Point-and-Click Operation

Distimax 100 is a handheld laser distance measuring tool designed for the construction industry. It uses a visible laser beam to measure distances, areas and volumes indoors or outdoors, with an accuracy of 1/8 in. at ranges up to 330 ft. The tool allows a single user to take hundreds of measurements in just minutes, with simple point-and-click operation, claims the maker. A built-in timer, stand, positioning bracket and alignment aid are all included as standard with the Distimax 100 package. Leica Geosystems GR LLC, formerly Laser Alignment Inc.; 770/447-6361;

Straight Or Tooth Edge

Called the Hardrock Series loader bucket, this unit is constructed from strong abrasive-resistant materials, according to the manufacturer. The 2 to 12-yd capacity bucket features an easy loading lip design and standard heel pads. The contractor can choose from either straight edge or tooth edge units. The Hardrock Series bucket comes in various widths and is built to accommodate any coupler system or as direct pin-on. Kenco Corp.; 724-238-3387;

Easy-To-Read LCD

The Verifier digital locator is a state-of-the-art micro-processing pipe and cable locator that allows contractors to detect and identify underground services. The three-watt transmitter is fully adjustable to power up for longer locates, says the company. The infinite adjustment also allows the power to be reduced for congested locates or when working near the transmitter. The depth calculation and current measurement index are displayed together on an easy-to-read LCD. The unit has two active frequencies of 9.5 and 38kHz. McLaughlin Mfg. Co.; 800/435-9340;

Handheld Measurement Solution

This integrated, handheld resource is designed to provide architects and engineers, construction professionals and space planners with accurate measurement on the job site. It combines Hilti's PD 25 Laser Range Meter and Arc Second's PocketCAD PRO. The PD25 saves time, electronically capturing and converting data. It instantly modifies CAD drawings in the field and eliminates the need for ungainly, inconvenient measuring devices, says the maker. Hilti Inc.; 800/879-6000;