Crawler: With Rear-View Camera and Remote Lift
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Blades: For Hacksaws and Band Saws
BBosch Power Tools and Accessories; 877-BOSCH-99;

Vacuum System and Wire Welders: Reduces Energy Costs, Premium Arc Control

The new Power MIG 140 and 180 flux-cored wire welders are ideal for home, farm, auto body, small shop maintenance and light-duty fabrication applications, according to manufacturer. The 140 model is designed to run on common 120-volt household current with an amperage range of 30 to 140 amps. The 180 model runs on 208-230 volt input power with an amperage range of 25 to 180 amps. Both models have two levels of voltage control. The Lincoln Electric Company; 216-481-8100;

Dozer Blade: For Skid Steers, Compact Loaders
T John Deere; 1-800-537-8233;

Anchor: Offers Brick, Masonry Repair
TPowers Fasteners, Inc.; 516-781-0180;

Surface Retarder: Spray-Applied, Water Soluble
T W.R. Meadows, Inc.; 847-683-4544;

he SuperVision 140 video inspection crawler travels through pipelines 6 in. and larger to evaluate conditions and maintenance needs. In addition to a short wheelbase, steerable six-wheel drive and a range of traction options, the crawler has a remote-operated camera lift to adjust view height and a monochrome rear-viewing camera to stop flips and cable snags when in reverse. A PipeBus network control architecture performs onboard diagnostics and allows for the use of light-weight cable for lengthy travels. osch presents a new hacksaw blade line complete with frame and a new portable band saw blade line. The three new 10- and 12-in. hacksaw blades include a bi-metal flexible for metal blades, high carbon steel metal blades, and speciality carbide grit for abrasive materials blades. The band saw blades are bi-metal for wood, plastic and common metals meant to fit portable band saws. he Statiflex 200-M and the Statiflex 400-MS are designed to reduce the amount of welding dust, smoke and fumes in the workplace. The Statiflex 200-M captures welding fumes by drawing air through a fan and spark arrestor, while Statiflex 400-MS uses a self-cleaning filter process. Both models can be wall-mounted, with extraction arms measuring from 6.5 ft, 10 ft and 13 ft, with a telescoping arm that pivots 45° and retracts from 3 ft to 4.5 ft. he new Worksite Pro DB84 and DB96 Dozer Blade attachments are 24 in. high and come in 84-in. and 96-in. widths, respectively. A 30° hydraulic angle and 10° hydraulic tilt make for easy adjustments. The blades are ideal for skid steer and compact track loader owners looking to finish grade or move a lot of material at once, according to the manufacturer. he new Heli-Pin facade anchor can stabilize brick and masonry walls, fix cracks in brick veneers and make invisible repairs to masonry building facades. The corrosion-resistant stainless-steel anchor tie creates a mechanical connection between the masonry facades and the underlying base material while the anchors serve as reinforcement for ties that are corroded or missing. The pin can be installed without exposed hardware, and a variety of lengths and diameters are available. op-Stop is designed to slow the set of surface mortar in concrete in order to expose the aggregate, which produces roughened bonding surfaces for subsequent concrete toppings. The product also roughens horizontal surfaces for construction joints in powerplants, dams and other civil engineering projects. Available in one-gallon cans and five-gallon pails, Top-Stop can be used on floor slabs, sidewalks and tilt-up and precast panels, or any normal horizontal concrete application.