Circular Saw
Rubberized Cord Package

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Drill Bit Sharpener
Restores Worn Drill Bits

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Air-Powered Concrete Chain Saw
Cuts Square Corners

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Hammer Drill
Built-In Indicator Lights

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Power-Saving Engine

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Cordless Wrench
Delivers High-Torque Impact

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Laser Range Meter
Small, Pocket-Sized Design

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Dual Torque Hammer Drill
Rotating Brush Plate

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Offers Quieter Operation

Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc.; 413/746-0020;

All-In-One Unit
Welder, Generator and More

The Lincoln Electric Co.; 888/355-3213; A new 7/-in. circular saw, designated R3200, features a number of notable enhancements. These include magnesium blade guards, a quick release bypass button allowing cuts up to 51.5° and the maker�s exclusive 12-ft all-rubber cord package. The saw is equipped with a 15-amp motor, operating at speeds up to 5,800 rpm. It offers a more accurate cut as a result of the full-length kerf indicator. This added feature makes it easier for the user to view and follow the indicator, says the maker. Model DD750 is designed to sharpen drill bits to either 118° or 135° angle settings. The unit features the company�s patented E-Z align system and diamond grinding wheel, as well as two chucks that allow the DD750 to sharpen bits as large as / in. diameter. The tool comes with a 6-ft power cord and operates on 110 or 220-volt AC. This air-powered concrete chain saw is designed to cut through reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe and natural stone. Model CS 71773 can plunge cuts up to 14 in. deep in one pass and cuts mechanical openings, irregular shapes and square corners. It can be used handheld or with the optional SpeedHook guide to make straight cuts through walls and other surfaces. The saw also can be used with a range of diamond saw chains to cut masonry materials. Powered by an 8.2-amp motor and weighing only 5.3 lb, the new HP2070F industrial hammer drill can be used by installers, electricians, plumbers, masons, remodelers and other professions. The HP2070F has built-in indicator lights to warn of overheating conditions, caused by motor overload in extreme applications. Better maneuverability and precise drilling depth is assured with the HP2070F�s 360� swivel side handle with depth gauge and slim body design, according to the manufacturer. An inline forward/reverse switch enables quick and easy rotation change. For accurate work in low-light applications, the hammer drill includes a high-output LED light, directing light to the work surface. The M14 rotary screw compressor features the power-saving Sigma Profile airend, 18-hp heavy-duty, industrial Briggs and Statton gasoline engine. The portable unit is available with variable pressures ranging from 70 to 190 psig. The compressor output is rated at 50 scfm at 100 psig. Additionally, the M14�s lightweight, wheel-mounted package with a hinged handle bar offers easy maneuverability. The unit is suited for landscaping, sandblasting, railroads, offsite jobs and more. The new DWO59K-2, an 18-volt cordless high-torque impact wrench, can be used for elevator and mechanical installation, deck building, concrete and steel construction, maintenance and repair work and other applications. The tool produces 300 ft lb of maximum torque and delivers 2,600 blows per minute and 1,650 rpm. It measures 10 / in. long and allows better access in tight and overhead work areas, says the manufacturer. Additional features include a patented /-in.-sq anvil design and a rocker-style switch found on electric impact wrenches. The PD 30 laser range meter is designed to help make the task of measuring long distances or calculating areas and volumes easier and more accurate. It measures distances from 2 in. up to 600 ft with an unparalleled accuracy of +/- / in. over the entire operating range. Besides measuring in inches, eighths and sixteenths of an inch, feet, yards, meters and millimeters, the PD 30 also can calculate in cubic yards for estimating concrete pours. One new feature on the 1199VSR /-in. dual torque hammer drill is the company�s patented rotating brush plate. This feature not only allows the tool to offer equal power in forward and reverse for backing out bound-up bits, but it also helps extend the overall life of the brushes. The tool is powered by a Bosch-built 8.5-amp motor and performs at 0-1, 100/3,000 rpm and 0-18,000/48,000 bpm. The new 71-lb TEX 39H hydraulic handheld breaker features an exclusive valve system and accumulator design that allows the unit to handle applications, such as heavy demolition and asphalt jobs. Requiring a Class D (EHTMA) power source with a hydraulic oil flow of 7.9 gpm and working pressures of 1,520 to 1,810 psi, the TEX 39H produces an impact frequency of 1,150 bpm. Designed for railroad and mine maintenance, heavy-duty construction and rental fleet use, the new Air Vantage 500 provides a welder, generator and air compressor all in one unit. One of its main features is a patent-pending direct gear-driven compressor with no belts or clutches to wear out. In addition, the unit comes standard with up to 20,000 watts of 3-Phase 240V AC generator power.