Medium Lifting Range
The model 3315 electric/hydraulic crane has an 11,500-ft-lb capacity and can lift a maximum of 3,200 lb at 3 ft. It uses a planetary winch system with a hydraulic/ mechanical brake system and offers a 30-ft/minute winch speed and a maximum reach of 15 ft from the centerline of the crane. Model 3315 is available by itself or in a complete turnkey package, including the UC-9 9-ft-long, heavy-duty steel service body with 32.5 cu ft of enclosed storage space and a 67-cu-ft load bed area. STELLAR INDUSTRIES INC.; 641/923-3741;

Vibration Isolation System
Quik-Screed, a new walk-behind concrete and finishing tool, has been added to the company's equipment line. It is available in 8, 10 and 12-ft lengths and has a magnesium blade that is lightweight, strong and easy for cleanup. The float blade is specially contoured to provide uniform, smooth surfaces and designed for a more consistent vibration that extends across the entire length of the blade. Other features include a vibration isolation system, fingertip throttle controls and more. MBW INC.; 262/644-5234; www.mbw-com

Cuts Through Metals
Manufacturer introduces an 18-volt, 61�2-in. metal cutting circular saw, model 6320. The saw is cordless and built to cut through conduit, uni-strut, angle iron and steel, copper and galvanized pipe, metal studs, metal roof/siding and black pipe. It has a Milwaukee-built motor that develops 3,200 rpm. A premium Endurance 6 1�2-in. blade cuts to a depth of 21�8 in. in one pass. The saw is ergonomically designed with an angled cushion grip D-handle and a lower blade guard lever that is large and easy to access. MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOL CORP.; 877/729-3878;

Direct Reflex
The new Spectra Precision Optical TS305 and TS315 construction total stations have a unique measuring capability that helps simplify construction site layout without the need for a prism and a second person. This feature allows general contractors to lay out an entire job with one setup and eliminate the need to perform multiple theodolite setups or other more time-consuming methods, claims the maker. Direct Reflex also allows the operator to measure objects up to 100 meters away. TRIMBLE; 408/481-7808;

Lighter Weight and Shorter Length
The 110 tractor loader backhoe has been designed to offer a new level of productivity and versatility on farm, landscape and construction sites. Features such as lighter weight and shorter length help make the unit more maneuverable and easier to transport, the company says. It has a removable backhoe and a wide variety of implements and accessories. Also included is a 43-hp Yanmar diesel engine with direct fuel and a fully independent 33-hp PTO and a Category I three-point rear hitch. JOHN DEERE; 800/537-8233;

Fits All Roof Hatch Models
These roof hatch safety railings are designed to fit all roof hatch units in new and retrofit construction projects. They can also be used as a grab device for entering and exiting the hatch. The railings are quick and easy to install. Average installation time is about two hours, the maker says. The safety railings are installed directly to the curb of the roof hatch, not to the roof itself. The system complies with the new OSHA standards that require guardrail protection for roof and floor openings. NYSTROM BUILDING PRODUCTS; 800/547-2635;

Dual-Purpose Product
FastSet nonshrink grout is a blend of special fast-setting hydraulic cement, sand and additives. It serves as a dual-purpose product. As a fluid, it is used for high early and high ultimate strength anchoring and grouting on retrofitted reinforcing steel, steel column bases and other installations. As a repair material, it can be used in partial or full depth on roads and other concrete surfaces. Packaged in 60-lb bags, FastSet must cure for at least one day to maintain its nonshrink characteristics. THE QUIKRETE COMPANIES INC.; 404/634-9100;

Speed Valve Increases Productivity
The PBH crusher/pulverizer models now come standard with a new speed valve that develops a jaw closing time of 0.9 seconds. The speed valve accepts a high oil flow and maintains maximum speed during its full cycle, including the crushing stage, and achieving a faster cycle time, the maker says. The added crushing force allows the PBH to crush concrete down to aggregate in a single jaw closing action. TRAMAC CORP.; 800/526-3837;