Barrier Wall Lifter
Automatic or Semi-Automatic Models
Kenco Corp.; 724-238-3387;

Diamond Drill Bit
Built-In Coolant Mist Injecting System
Tilebit is a new diamond tool used to drill holes in all types of tile, including the hardest floor and porcelain tiles that previously have been difficult or impossible to drill, says the maker. Tilebit offers a unique built-in method of injecting a coolant mist to the face of the tool. This feature allows a high rotational speed that results in high penetration rates in drilling all non-metallic, hard vitreous materials. Bit sizes are from 3�16 in. to 3 in. dia, suitable for 3�8-in. variable high-speed corded or cordless drills or drill presses at 1,800 to 3,000 rpm. Barrett Diamond Products Inc.; 800/243-3320;

Redesigned Tilt-Deck Trailer
Full-Tilt, Unitized Deck
Model TT20 tilt-deck trailer is available in a 20-ton capacity. The redesigned unit features a 25-ft, 6-in. full-tilt, unitized deck, with an 80-in. drawbar for optimum weight transfer. A perfectly balanced deck easily tilts under the weight of one person, the company says. A folding, tapered rear ramp allows difficult pieces of equipment to be easily and quickly loaded. Also included as standard equipment is a 35,000-lb capacity two-speed landing gear. Rogers Brothers Corp.; 800/441-9880;

Automatic Steep Slope Laser
Long-Range Activity
Pro Shot L1-ASm Magnum is a newly designed automatic slope laser targeted at grading or underground contractors that need a long-range, high- accuracy, steep- slope laser. It has an operating diameter of 2,500 ft with handheld and machine-control receivers, accuracy of +/- 1�16 in. per 100 ft and slope capability of 0% to 25% in .01% increments. The L1-ASm Magnum can operate for 60 hours on four C alkaline batteries. The Magnum package contains an R8 receiver, rod clamp and carrying case. Laser Reference Inc.; 800/238-0685;

Air Compressor Module
Small Footprint
Designed specifically for vehicle-mounted applications, the VHP90CMH is the company’s latest option in hydraulic-driven air compressor modules. It offers versatility for utility or service trucks that have hydraulic flow available. The model will run light air tools up to pneumatic tools such as a 90-lb hammer. It has a small footprint and weights 342 lb, taking the least amount of deck space at 28.5 in. x 20.6 in., the maker says. The unit also offers easy access for maintenance, with no need to remove panels. Ingersoll-Rand Co.; 800/633-5206;

Rear Vision Camera System
5.5-in. Black and White Monitor
Safety Vision 5000 Series is built to withstand the harsh conditions of the construction environment, according to the company. The system not only allows the operator to see what is behind the equipment, but to hear what is going on around the equipment as well. Features include a built-in microphone, 1�3-in. CCD imager, water-resistant housing, backlight compensation and infrared illuminators to see in absolute darkness. Safety Vision; 800/880-8855;

Telescoping Articulating Lift
Fiberglass Boom Tip
The TK141-2 insulated telescoping articulating lift is equipped with a fiberglass boom tip. It offers 40-in. clear-span insulation with the bucket fully retracted in addition to the standard 12-in. lower boom insert. The unit has a 41-ft working height and a 20-ft side reach. Standard features include a 180� hydraulic bucket rotator, hydraulic bucket leveling and 360� continuous shear ball rotation. Model TK141-2 can be mounted on a 26,000-lb GVW chassis equipped with front and rear torsion bars. No outriggers are required. ArmLift, a div. of TG Industries Inc.; 712/864-3737;

This attachment is designed to safely lift and install low-profile barrier walls. It is available in both 12,000 and 20,000-lb lifting capacities and is engineered to fit the inverted contour of the wall. According to the manufacturer, the barrier lifter is equipped with urethane pads that provide the operator with better grip action, even on a wet surface, without damaging the wall. In addition, grease fittings help ensure that the unit has years of service. These low-profile lifters come in both automatic and semi-automatic models.