Steel- or Soft-Bottom Urethane
A line of specially designed steel- and soft-bottom urethane tracks is designed to provide all major skid-steer brands with more traction and floatation while allowing operators to work on finished surfaces without causing damage. The tracks feature hammer-forged steel pads, which are the most wear-resistant, the maker claims. The replaceable v-shaped pads are self-cleaning and offer better control. Tracks attach quickly and easily with a customized installation tool. They are fully adjustable and rebuildable. Loegering; 800/373-5441;

Road Repairs or Utility Trench Cutting
Two new wheel saws, models SW45 and SW60, are designed for fast trench cutting in hard surfaces, including asphalt, reinforced concrete and rocky or frozen ground. They are engineered for high performance when mounted on Caterpillar high-flow skid-steer loaders. The SW45 has a maximum cutting depth of 18 in. and widths of 3, 6 and 8 in. Model SW60 offers a maximum cutting depth of 24 in. and widths of 6 or 8 in. Caterpillar Inc.; 309/675-8995;

Totally Enclosed Passenger Cabin
Designed for maximum passenger safety, the MaxClimber 2000P rack and pinion personnel lift has the capacity to hold 2,000 lb or a maximum of seven people. It is suitable for powerplants, scaffolding, restoration, facilities maintenance and general construction. Features include 5-ft, 95-lb galvanized mast sections that are connected with four bolts. Beta Max Inc.; 800/233-5112;