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Two new hand-held cut-off-saws, models SHS62 and SHS81, are powered by 4.7 and 6.3-hp two-cycle EPA-approved gasoline engines. Both units feature a reversible blade flange to handle both 20-mm and 1-in. blade arbors and can operate either 12 or 14-in. blades. A triple-stage air filtration system helps keep dust and other damaging cutting debris out of the power source. The SHS62 and SHS81 saws are ergonomically designed and can be used to slice concrete, tile, ceramics, pipe and more. Stow Construction Equipment, a division of Manufacturer introduces its first-ever self-leveling, plumb, level and square four-beam laser. The DW084 is designed for use by drywallers, electricians, plumbers, interior contractors and more. It includes a self-leveling mechanism that has a magnetically dampened pendulum that levels in seconds. All four beams originate from the same point, eliminating the need for the user to calculate offset beam measurements. The tool provides accuracy plus or minus 1�4 in. at 100 feet. This new drop hammer attachment is designed to demolish concrete and asphalt slabs up to 18 in. thick. It can be used with skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders and all-wheel steer loaders to break up parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. At a rate of up to 20 blows per minute, the drop hammer allows the operator three seconds to reposition the loader in-between each cycle. The PP46d digital photo printer is designed for the construction industry. It allows contractors to take digital images and instantly turn them into hard copy prints on site without a computer. In less than two minutes, the printer generates a 300 dpi, borderless output. The PP46d can be used with a DC adapter, which allows contractors to use it in their cars. Designed with a small footprint, the new D7x11 Series II Navigator HDD, provides increased access to confined areas and heightens machine maneuverability. A width of 35.5 in. allows the machine to fit into narrow areas. Powered by a turbocharged, Tier II 47-hp Kubota engine, the D7x11 offers 1,300 ft lb of rotational torque and 9,000 lb of thrust/pullback. Spectra Precision’s new LP40 self-leveling laser pointer is designed to handle a wide range of construction and exterior applications. It projects four beams up to 100 ft. One beam points up while another points down to create a plumb-up and plumb-down reference. The other two beams are offset at 90� to each other, pointing out horizontally to create level and square reference points.