Plug-In System
This safety anchor system provides maximum worker mobility on site for temporary or quick turnaround projects where permanent or temporary lifeline systems would be impractical. It also may be used for jobs where overhead safety cabling might impede worker access or progress. The system has an advanced technology vacuum pump that is powered from a single-phase 115-volt circuit. The plug-in system features two levers, one to activate the unit and another to initiate the pad. DBI/SALA; 800/328-6146; www.dbisala.com

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump
Wheelwash Rhino System is a truck and heavy equipment washing system. It is designed to help contractors and others meet guidelines and regulations set by environmental agencies, which require that all vehicles leaving quarries, demolition and construction sites and other facilities, have wheels and tires free of mud, dirt and other contaminants. Cleaning is accomplished with a multitude of high-pressure jets with extensive spray patterns to cover all surfaces of the vehicle, using a horizontal centrifugal pump. Wheelwash Division, Global Equipment Mktg. Inc.; 561-750-8662; www.wheelwash.co.uk

Higher Horsepower Engine
Maximum operating weight for the new 824 G Series II wheel dozer is 63,325 lb. It replaces the 824 G model. A new Cat 3406E diesel engine with electronic unit injection provides power for the machine. The six-cylinder, turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled engine delivers 339 net hp of power, a 7% increase over the previous model. It also features an upgraded cooling system. Caterpillar Inc.; 309/675-8995; www.cat.com

For Articulating Cranes
Manufacturer introduces a product called Electronic Vehicle Stability, a new safety system designed for its articulating cranes and hydraulic loaders. The new technology monitors and adjusts stability, allowing the operator full capacity of the crane within the capability of the vehicle. If the operator approaches the vehicle stability limit, the EVS system informs the rated capacity limitation safety system, which warns the operator both visually and acoustically. After this, the EVS system will permit the operator to only activate those crane movements that will improve stability. Iowa Tooling Co. Inc. (IMT); 515/557-2062; www.imt.com

Tandem or Triple Axle
Newly introduced 400 Series traveling axle trailers are available in tandem or triple axle units. The trailers come in 48, 50 or 53 ft lengths; 10-ft, 1-in. spread axle and a load angle as low as 6.6û for accessible loading of paving equipment. Model 410 has a triple axle with a deck rated at 70,000 lb in 10 ft and a deck height of 38 in. loaded. Model 425 is a tandem axle, 41-ft-long, 102-in. wide, 35-ton capacity unit. Optional aluminum pullouts can increase the overall available width to 13 ft. Landoll; 785/562-5381; www.landoll.com

Hydraulic Cylinder Control
Company announces its latest rear eject bodies for articulated trucks. They have been built to tackle the challenges of dumping faster, handling hard to dump sticky material, dumping on the go, or in situations with limited height clearances, claims the maker. The rear eject bodies feature an ejector system that lowers the load center, allowing the unit to dump in conditions where other trucks would be unstable and unsafe. The unit is capable of spreading material as it ejects, reducing dozing and spreading workloads. One hydraulic cylinder controls the ejector and tailgate. Philippi-Hagenbuck Inc.; 309/697-9200; www.philsystems.com

Custom Designed to Any Size
Designed and constructed specifically for seaside and waterway construction projects, the Workhorse trailerable work boat enables access to smaller waterways and lakes not connected to a main navigable waterway. The Workhorse work boat is produced trailer ready and can be hauled from site to site. Since it is less than 26 ft long, no pilot license is required for operation. The work boat can be custom designed to any size and outfitted to meet unique requirements, including special propulsion needs or addition of accessories such as cranes of articulating arms with special attachments. Marine Builders Inc.; 812/283-7932; www.marinebuilders.com

Performs at Widths Up to 50 Ft.
The new PS-4000 placer/spreader is capable of placing and spreading aggregate base material and can be converted to place and spread concrete to complete the paving operation. The unit is available as both a two- or four-track machine. It has the option of a single conveyor system that can be mounted to either side of the placer/spreader or a twin conveyor system can be mounted on both sides, depending on the required widths. The PS-4000 with a single conveyor can place and spread concrete up to 43 ft wide while the twin conveyor system enables placing and spreading up to 50 ft. GOMACO Corp.; 712/364-3347; www.gomaco.com