Heavy-Duty 12-Volt Electric Hoist Winch

Model EC2K-P, a 6,500-ft-lb power rotation electric crane, is designed for public utilities, municipalities, water works and any other situation requiring a crane in the light lifting range. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 930 lb at 7 ft and uses a 12-volt electric hoist winch with a 9.5-ft- per-minute winch speed. The crane is available by itself or in a state-of-the-art complete turnkey package that includes a chassis of the operator's choice, the T1-9 heavy-duty 9-ft steel body and more. Stellar Industries Inc.; 800/321-3741; www.stellar-industries.com

Alternative to Grooved Ends

With the Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association pending ruling to eliminate grooved ends by Sept. 2003, this new flared-end concrete pumping system can be used as a safer, stronger alternative, says the maker. It offers more than twice the amount of engagement at the coupling than grooved-end systems. Its unique gasket design allows higher working pressure, while thicker walls and heat-treated components extend the life of the system. It is available with 1.5 or 2-in. flared-end style gaskets. Construction Forms; 800/223-3676; www.constructionforms.com

Creates Secure Enclosure

Line of Wirewall partitions, made of heavy 1.5-in.-sq, 10-gauge woven wire, is available in a variety of weights to meet customer specifications. The wire mesh panels are installed using common hand tools to create a secure enclosure that helps prevent theft in commonly accessible areas. The partitions are interchangeable so an installation can be modified or expanded as needed. Ceilings can be attached to the partition walls for additional protection, supported by 2-in.-sq horizontal ceiling tubes. W.A. Schmidt inc.; 800/523-6719; www.waschmidt.com

Built-In Menu

This handheld battery-powered instrument, called the CTG-ITF, provides the user with accurate measurement and flaw detection of concrete slabs, pavements, bridge decks, tunnel linings and other plate-like structures. The CTG has a built-in menu for ease of operation and the ability to record and store 300 test points for future PC downloading to a spreadsheet. It is very time- and cost-effective to operate as compared to coring, the manufacturer says. The lightweight device, weighing 4.4 lb, records data in both English and metric. Olson Instruments Inc.; 303/423-1212; www. olsoninstruments.com

Belt Tensioning System

The new Core Cut CC7878 EZ rider joint cutting rider saw is powered by a 78-hp Deutz diesel turbo-charged motor. It has the ability to deliver a high production rate and easy cutting of control joints due to its blade visibility and fast and easy maneuvering, claims the maker. Additional features include a patented belt tensioning system, full belt enclosure and quick belt replacement; a choice of 14 or 20-in. blade guards as well as two independent water adjustments for joint cleaning. Diamond products, 800/321-5336; www.diamondproducts.com

New Dual-Action Dump Pedal
The16-cu-ft Mud Buggy material handler is designed to handle loads of concrete, mortar and other materials up to 2,500 lb and now is equipped with a unique dual-action pedal that provides for both controlled dumping and dump return. The dumping action can be stopped instantaneously by placing the pedal in the neutral position. The pedal is an integral part of the operator platform, allowing the operator to actuate the pedal without stepping off the platform. Stone Construction Equipment Inc.; 585/229-5141; www.stone-equip.com

Bi-Rotational Agitator Shaft

Manufacturer introduces the Agimax concrete agitator/transporter for small bore tunnel and mining applications. The 5-ft, 4-in.-wide; 11-cu-yd agitated concrete transporter can be mounted to either a rail car or a rubber-tired vehicle. Its narrow profile and low overall height design allows the unit to operate in small bore tunnels. The Agimax is equipped with a full sweep bi-rotational agitator shaft that rotates at 6 rpm and a large open top for easy positioning at the drop shaft for fast concrete loading. Maxon Industries Inc.; 414/351-4000; www.maxon.com