EZ-Glide aluminum ladder rack system is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, including vans, minivans, hi-cube vans and Sprinter vans. It has an ergonomic design with hydraulic action, allowing easy raising and lowering of ladders, claims the maker. The modular approach allows the rack to be set up in a variety of configurations to meet the user's exact needs. The basic rack provides a drop-down rotation kit mounted on the curb side of the vehicle. Additional cross members also are available for different styles and lengths of ladders. Knaack Manufacturing Co.; 800/344-2981; www.weatherguard.com

Additional Heat Treatment Process

Featuring a patented deep-cutting thread design that achieves powerful load capacities, the new Tilt Wall Wedge-Bolt anchor is engineered for anchoring brace shoes that support tilt-up concrete wall panels. Theses tilt-wall anchors have a shiny black coating and require only a hex-headed impact wrench to drive the anchor into the hole. The one-piece, 3/4- in.-dia anchors are available in lengths of 6 and 8 in. Powers Fasteners Inc.; 516/868-6645; www.powers.com

Lighter-Weight Design

The new BT60/4 vibratory tamper is powered by the 3.3-hp, four-cycle Honda GX100 engine. It is nearly 10% lighter than other Bomag four-cycle tamper models, the manufacturer says. With a maximum travel speed of 66 ft per minute and a range of 540 to 708 impacts per minute, the unit delivers up to 3,037 lb of impact force to a compaction depth of 21.6 in. The BT60/4 has a patented anti-vibration handle and a standard operating width of 11 in. Compaction America Inc.; 309/853-3571; www.bomag-americas.com

Teflon HT Webbing

A new line of Miller HP (High Performance) fall protection products offers improved durability and longer performance life. They now include a DuPont Teflon HT finish that resists dirt and grime from becoming imbedded in harness and lanyard webbing. Bright colors help identify HP harnesses and shock-absorbing lanyards, making them readily visible and easy to inspect. Miller brand fall protection products meet OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements, including ANSI Z359.1. Bacou-Dalloz Fall Protection; 800/873-5242; www.bacou-dalloz.com

Three Highly Reflective Stripes

Nite Lite and Nite II are lightweight safety fencing products designed for use at work zone areas, such as utility poles close to traffic or construction projects near roads. They are made of UV-protected long-lasting polyethylene plastic and come in standard rolls of 4 ft x 50 ft. International orange stripes with white and orange reflective stripes as well as black with yellow reflective stripes for dangerous installations are available. Plastic Safety Systems; 800/662-6338; www.plasticsafety.com

Survives Multiple Drop Test

Manufacturer introduces two new lines of drill/drivers in Brute-Tough and Compact-Tough designs. The Compact-Tough drills come in 9.6V, 12V and 14.4V with a 3/8-in. chuck, while the Brute-Tough drills come in 14.4V and 18V with a 1/2 -in. chuck. Both tools are engineered to withstand unmatched durability, according to the maker. Each new drill/driver features Dura-Shield exterior housing, which consists of an ABS/Nylon blend. Internally, a steel-reinforced collar strengthens the most vulnerable part of the drill/driver. Bosch Power Tools; 877/267-2499; www.bosch-tools.com

Survives Multiple Drop Test

Manufacturer has selected a high-performance polymer, called Amodel PPA, from Solvay Advance Polymers, to help produce a new helmet with improved performance. Amodel polyphthalamide is a semi-crystalline engineering polymer with good mechanical properties over a broad temperature range. The Futura helmet now has a more lightweight design with high heat and impact resistance. Fibre-Metal Products Co.; 610/459-5300; www.fibre-metal.com and Solvay Advanced Polymers LLC; 800/621-4557; www.solvayadvancedpolymers.com

Detects Performance Problems

This 24x7 "intelligent" elevator monitoring system detects nonconformances and changes in the performance of hydraulic elevators. On-board sensors monitor 254 aspects of an elevator's performance. If a problem is detected, a modem immediately dials the company's remote monitoring center. Information from the on-board sensors is sent to the Advanced Diagnostic Support System. Problems that need prompt attention are analyzed by this "intelligent" system to determine likely causes. Schindler Elevator Corp.; 973/397-6564; www.us.schindler.com