Quick-Switch Option
The new DD 130 diamond coring system features a quick-switch option and convenient side-handle water flow. The tool is suitable for jobs ranging from wet coring holes in reinforced concrete from 15/32 in. to 6 in. dia. to precise coring of anchoring holes 15/32 in. to 1 5/8 in. dia. The tool includes a high-performance 1800-watt motor with sizeable reserve power. It also has a multi-faceted design that allows one operator to easily change from hand-held to stand-mounted use with a simple click-action, says the maker. Built-in features to increase operator safety are included as well. Hilti; 800/879-6000;

Anti-Vibration Handle
Powered by a 3.3-hp, four-cycle Honda GX100 engine, the new 150-lb BT65/4 vibratory tamper delivers up to 3,485 lb of impact force. With a maximum travel speed of 66 ft per minute and a range of 540 to 708 impacts per minute, the unit can compact up to 20 cu yd of select material per hour in a coverage area approximating 3,600 sq ft. Model BT65/4 also offers a patented anti-vibration handle that minimizes the amount of vibration transferred to the operator. Because of the lower noise and emissions produced by its four-cycle engine, the unit can be used in residential and confined trench work areas. Compaction America Inc.; 309/853-3571;

New Suspended Undercarriage
Multi-terrain loaders, the 247 and 257, feature a new rubber-track undercarriage that allows the machines to work in a broad range of applications and terrain conditions. A naturally-aspirated Cat 3034 diesel engine powers both units. The 247 delivers 54 net hp, while the larger 257 is rated at 59 net hp. Each has a closed-loop, high-output hydrostatic drive system with an anti-stall system; an ergonomic cab that offers easy entry and exit and better visibility to the work area and joystick controls that are pilot operated. Caterpillar Inc.; 309/675-8995;

Manual Slope Mode
Manufacturer introduces a series of new Spectra Precision laser transmitters, including models LL600, HV601 and HV602. The LL600 is a fully automatic self-leveling unit. With a diameter range of 800 meters, the laser is used for long-range, accurate elevation control over the entire job site. For general construction applications, the LL600 can be used with the Spectra Precision laser HR500 receiver, or with the CR600 receiver for additional machine control jobs. Trimble Navigation Ltd.; 408/481-7807;

Preassembled in One Package
Shield-Arc SA-250 engine-driven welder for construction, repair or pipe welding projects is now available in a Ready-Pak road trailer package. The machine and trailer come fully assembled. The user just removes the stretch wrap, connects the battery cable, adds fuel and is ready to travel to the job site. The Lincoln Electric Co.; 888/355-3213;