Easy to Install
Spider Bolt is an engineered fall-protection anchorage point that is designed to be used in concrete substrate. The bolt is secured into a ,5/8-in.-dia hole, and can be re-used for additional anchorage points if it has not arrested a fall. Unit has a 5,000-lb strength rating, which meets the ANSI Z359.1 standard for fall protection. Also introduced is the Spider Anchor, which eliminates knots in lifelines by threading them through the device. Both units can be used with compatible Spider rope grab, harness and lanyard. SAFEWORKS LLC; 800-478-5754;

Handles Extreme Loads
Series 60 aluminum system features high geometrical moments of inertia, increased stiffness and extended size and capacity possibilities through foam technology. All Series 60 joints are fastened with M12 screws and special nuts, which may be located anywhere along each section's 15-mm wide T-slots. Applications include heavy-duty machine support, frame-building and more. MK AUTOMATION INC.; 860-769-5505;

For Cracked Concrete
EUCO ARC is designed to treat concrete damaged by alkali-silica reactivity. The lithium-based liquid treatment penetrates the surface and reduces expansions, cracking patterns, spalling and other problems caused by freeze-thaw cycles, traffic loads and road vibration, according to the manufacturer. Treatment is suitable for repairs on highways, runways, bridges, ports, parking lots, garages, and other concrete structures. EUCLID CHEMICAL CO.; 800-321-7628;

Transcool is a compact and portable auxiliary transformer cooling system used to help maximize the operation of power transformers. Available in 75, 100 and 150-kw models, the system includes manual and automatic controls so it can be integrated into any substation operating system. Transcool's compact size makes the unit suitable for applications where space is limited. GE POWER SYSTEMS; 770-859-6948;

High Breakout Force
New Link-Belt loaders, L120, L125 and L130, feature power-link geometry, which allows the machines to be more flexible, combining high digging forces at ground level with controlled lifting capacities across the entire lift range. Electro-hydraulic controls give the operator finger-tip control and maximum productivity. With the fork level-lift function, operator can automataically raise a load without having to constantly adjust forks or bucket. LBX COMPANY LLC; 859-245-3900;

Needs No Preheating
SLICE system cuts, burns or pierces virtually any metallic, nonmetallic or composite material, including bridge steel and concrete-lined pipe. The system requires no preheating and is three times faster on 3-in. mild steel than oxyacetylene cutting systems. Users supply oxygen and either a 12-volt battery (for portable applications) or a welding machine. Features include a patented cutting rod, a comfort-designed pistol grip, an operator shield and a squeeze lever for oxygen control. TWECO ARCAIR; 314-721-5573;

Durable and Weatherproof
Manufacturer introduces more than 10 different metal facade systems and outer wall claddings, including corrugated and trapezoidal profiles, as well as reveal, chamfered and horizontal panels. Small and large flat-lock tiles are also available. Custom-made systems meet environmental, safety, product quality and recycling requirements. The facade systems can be used for virtually all kinds of building to create durable, weatherproof building envelopes . RHEINZINK CANADA LTD.; 604-291-8171;