The Permanentech self-locking vibration-proof nut and bolt fastener has a unique nut that locks in at predetermined intervals along the notched bolt, removing the chance for vibration to loosen the bolt. The fastener is available in metal and injection molded materials and in standard and custom sizes. A task-specific nut removal tool that unlocks the nut from the bolt for inspection and maintenance purposes also is provided. Permanent Technologies Inc.; 914/949-5944;

Triggered By Squeezing the Grip

Model 479 Power Trigger joins the company's Remington powder actuated fastening tool product line. Instead of using the conventional hammer method, this tool is the first of its kind to use a trigger on the grip to activate the tool, says the maker. It uses .22 caliber loads and handles washered and non-washered fasteners from 1/2 to 3 in. long. DESA International; 800/858-8501;

Pre-Cast Overhead System

Two new internally threaded concrete inserts, the Bang-It and the Wood Knocker, can be fastened into wood concrete forms or pre-drilled metal composite "pan" decking prior to pouring concrete. Both meet all industry standards for typical overhead jobs, including pipe hangers, sprinklers and ceiling systems. The inserts are color-coded by diameter so contractors can identify the location and diameter of the anchor inserts. Powers Fasteners Inc.; 516/868-6645;

For Framing and Metal

Manufacturer introduces patented pneumatic nailer that will drive round-head nails in standard framing applications as well as metal connection. The Bostich N88RH-2MCM comes with a metal connector trip installed, which is used to line up the holes on joist hangers and other similar connectors. A simple push of a button allows the user to remove it and install the standard framing trip in seconds. Retail price is $329. Stanley-Bostich; 800-782-6539;

Now Handles Up To #10 Rebar

RB650 RE-BAR-TIER is a new model that will tie up to two #10 rebars using 16-gauge tie wire. The powerful twisting motor ensures a perfect tie every time and wire usage is regulated automatically to match the size of the tie. The operation can be performed with one hand. List price is $2,690. Max USA Corp; 800-223-4293;

Fit D-Head Nailers

RoundStrip nails are full-round-head nails that are designed to work in clipped-head pneumatic nailers from most major manufacturers. The nails have all of the benefits of a regular framing nail, but are collated at a 34° angle. A slightly offset head allows the nails to be densely packed, shank-to-shank in the magazine, allowing for twice as many nails to be driven between reloads. The nails conform to all national and regional building codes related to the use of round-head nails in framing and sheathing, the maker says. SENCO Products Inc.; 800-543-4596;

Joins Copper Water Tubing

ProPress system takes as little as 4 seconds to join two pieces of tubing, regardless of size, using maker's corded or cordless electric crimping tool. Tool can handle 1/2 in. to 4 in. diameter tubing. Maker says the process can save a third of the time in average installations. Fittings include an EPDM seal that lasts for life of the tube and is certified for hygenic reliability. Fittings are about triple the cost of standard copper sweat fittings. System meets most codes. Ridge Tool Co.; 888-743-4333;