Security Products On Display Or Hidden Away

Security products are designed to either be hidden or visible. The products below cover both types, from imposing security gates to tiny cameras that fit into the palm of your hand. Both groups have their own advantages. The challenge is to find an effective and aesthetically pleasing combination of the two. –Rita F. Catinella, AR

Extreme CCTV manufactures high-end infrared illumination and surveillance systems for U. S. government customers as well as end users around the world. The new line of products includes the EX48 Conical No Grip Camera, which has been installed in a number of sites, including prisons, hospitals and schools. The REG License Plate Capture (shown) has the ability to capture license plates day or night at gateways, toll booths and border crossings. 888/409-2288. Extreme CCTV Surveillance Systems, Bellingham, Wash.

Meiser North America has introduced new fence gratings for use in sporting arenas and building sites where security is a major concern. Meiser manufactures pressure-locked gratings in steel, stainless steel and aluminum for industrial, commercial and architectural applications, as well as welded industrial steel gratings for heavy-duty applications. The look and construction of the Meiser grating products allow designers to incorporate the grating materials into many other applications than just flooring, such as fencing and sunscreens. Meiser materials are resistant to most corrosive salts, acids, alkalis and other chemical products. 615/832-7220. Meiser North America, Nashville.

Cobra, by Schlage, is a programmable locking system. This battery-operated electronic cylindrical lockset is ideal for new construction or retrofit applications. With Cobra's programming flexibility, users can program up to 100 three-to-eight-digit user codes right at the keypad. In addition, the lock features red and green LED indicators for visible access and programming confirmation. The Vandlgard clutching lever minimizes any damage to the lock from vandalism or abuse. 800/348-2263. Access Hardware Supply, San Leandro, Calif.

Llumar Magnum safety and security film is now protecting the more than 4000 sq ft of glass in the 80-ft-high, multi-glass-paned, V-shaped edifice that comprises the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. The laminated film features polyester and metallized coatings bonded by an adhesive system that can reduce damage and injury from broken window glass. Llumar Magnum is available in four thicknesses: .004 in., .007 in., .011 in. and .015 in. The material comes with a scratch-resistant surface. 800/345-6088. CPFilms, Martinsville, Va.

Oldcastle-arpal is a new joint venture supplying blast-mitigation glazing systems to the U.S. market. It was formed by Oldcastle Glass, an American supplier of glass products and services, and Arpal Aluminum Systems Ltd., an Israeli supplier of blast-mitigation glazing solutions. The glazing is not as heavy as some other products addressing blast resistance, so additional construction costs do not have to be addressed in the installation. 703/528-8799. Oldcastle-Arpal LLC, Arlington, Va.

Cornell's rolling grille products provide security and access control with visibility and ventilation for schools, retail spaces, hospitals and airports. The SentryGate features a compact, European-style curtain with smooth nylon components interlocked with metal rods. 800/233-8366. Cornell Iron Works Inc., Mountaintop, Pa.

The FlexiDome II Cameras, from Philips CSI, are fixed, compact cameras in a surveillance dome. The FlexiDome II camera's small, protective and stylish housing features a 4.5-in. radius. It is ideal in locations where both good picture quality and aesthetics are needed, such as hotels, banks, reception areas, museums, art galleries and stores. 800/326-3270. Philips CSI Inc., Lancaster, Pa.

At just 3 in. high, the Mini-Ball surveillance camera is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It can be discreetly mounted on a ceiling or wall (wall mount included) or over a standard single-gang electrical box. The grey Lexan camera is weatherproof and able to withstand temperatures ranging from -20° to 140° F. During installation of the camera, the ball can be rotated 350° and tilted 90° to get the picture orientation needed. The Mini-Ball's black and white camera delivers a resolution of 425 TV lines, while the color camera delivers a resolution of 380 TV lines. 541/754-9133. Kalatel, Corvallis, Ore.

Pawling Corp. has introduced an illuminated handrail as an addition to its PRO•TEK line of impact-protection products for both new and retrofit construction in health care, government, educational and other institutional facilities. While not intended to replace standard institutional or ceiling lighting, the lighted handrail enhances the wall and hallway areas with subtle lighting and can be tied into the backup reserve power supply to augment the emergency lighting system. 845/373-9300. Pawling Corp., Wassaic, N.Y.

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