Circular Saw
Eight-Position Adjustable Handle

14Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800/729-3878;

Curing and Sealing Compound
The CS-309-25 acrylic curing and sealing compound is a clear, transparent, ready-to-apply, non-yellowing liquid compound. It is formulated from special acrylic polymers and quick-evaporating solvents that cures and seals freshly placed concrete simultaneously in one application. The product meets maximum VOC content limits of 700g/l as required by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule. W.R. Meadows Inc., 847/214-2100;

Photoluminescent Stairway Markings
Profiled Grooves

Zero International Inc.; 800/635-5335;

Conventional Truck
Built on Low-Profile Frame

International Truck and Engine Corp.; 630/753-2910;

Extendible Tool
Flush Cutter Extension
The Determinator Extendible Flush-Cutting Extension will be introduced at this year’s STAFDA Trade Show in November. The tool allows the user to make flush cuts in tight spots such as under thresholds, door jams and toe kicks. The extension provides stability without blade wobbles even under extreme applications such as pipe cutting. Paws Off Tools LLC; 707/632-6854;

The 7/-in. Tilt-Lok circular saw, with its exclusive eight-position adjustable handle, lasts up to eight times longer than competitive models, claims the maker. With a 3.25 Max HP motor, it delivers up to 25% more power, cuts faster and deeper at 45� and 90�. The saw weighs 10.4 lb and features the manufacturer’s 15-amp, 3.25 peak motors. It also has a full 50� bevel capacity for cutting extreme angles as well as cushion grip front and rear handles. A full line of photoluminescent stairway marking systems is designed to help facilitate safe emergency exits during building evacuations when power and back-up power systems have failed. The systems meet New York City Building Code mandates for exit path markings. Among the new systems is the non-slip Traction Tread Glow stair nosings, which are recommended for high-traffic installations. The photoluminescent markings are integrated in the outside four grooves as installed on the stair step. The Traction Tread systems come in standard aluminum or bronze finishes. The International 4100, a new Class 5 conventional truck, can be used for construction, landscaping, flatbed operations, service body and utility service needs. It has a spacious cab with available air-ride suspension and optional crew cab or extended cab. The 4100 is built on a low-profile frame for easy loading and unloading.