Beam Catcher
PR 16 rotating laser is a versatile tool built to meet the varied needs of contractors. It features a visible red laser beam and can be used for leveling, vertical alignment, single and double slope and even 90° and parallel layout. Fully automatic and self-leveling, the tool lets the operator catch the laser with a beam catcher and keep it right where you want it as long as you need it there. It can be set on a tripod or another solid surface. With the press of the on/off button, the tool will automatically find the horizontal/vertical within 0.1 in. at 60 ft. Operating ranges are 500 ft with the beam catcher and 1,000 ft with the electronic detector. HILTI; 800/879-8000;

For Leading Edge Deck Construction
Miller Edge fall protection system is a portable engineered anchorage solution designed to protect decking crews from fall hazards. The system features continuous, 100% tie-off with overhead anchorage points for two workers. It reduces the need for a safety monitor and assembles quickly and easily, eliminating the hours required for assembling and disassembling temporary cable lifelines, the maker says. The unit has a simple design with multidirectional work capability and is ready to use when placed in position. DALLOZ FALL PROTECTION, A DIVISION OF BACOU-DALLOZ CO.; 800/873-5242;

Fiberglass Protective Cover
Model SHD-50Q hydraulic-driven compressor has an output capacity of 28 cfm at 100 psi and a maximum working pressure of 155 psi. The unit is air cooled with a canister air inlet filter and is designed to operate small air tools used with service trucks. The compressor features a cast aluminum crankcase and cylinder heads. It also comes with a fiberglass protective cover. The model can be equipped with an optional hydraulic reservoir for independent operations. AMERICAN EAGLE ACCESSORIES GROUP, A DIVISION OF STELLAR INDUSTRIES INC.; 641/923-2425;

Chemical-Resistant Surface
Treflite repair mortar fills in potholes and resurfaces providing heavy-duty floor protection against thermal and physical shock, abrasions, acids, alkalis and solvents, the maker claims. It bonds to virtually any surface, including concrete, wood, steel, aluminum and more. Treflite is 100% nonskid and suitable for old and new floors. One five-gallon pail covers 40 sq ft at 1Ú8-in. deep. GARON PRODUCTS; 800/631-5380;

Pilot-Operated Hydraulic Controls
Model 555B is an updated version of the Triple Nickel wheel loader, of the former International Harvester and Dresser construction equipment line. The new 6.0-cu-yd loader is equipped with a 315-hp engine; four-speed, electrically controlled powershift transmission; hydrostatic steering; 60,000+ lb breakout force; and bucket sizes from 5.5 to 11.0 cu yd. DRESSTA NORTH AMERICA; 847/573-1250; fax: 847/573-1251

Six-Position Pivoting Handle
Sawzall, the Hatchet, is a compact cordless reciprocating saw with a six-position pivoting handle. It offers a 3Ú4-in. blade stroke and 0-2700 spm variable-speed trigger. Unit 6514-21 is for remodeling, HVAC, general, framing and roofing contractors, as well as plumbers, electricians and more. It includes a 2.4-amp-hour battery, universal charger, two-pack of blades and a carrying case. MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOL CORP.; 877/729-3878;