Works In Any Position
The Pumpex SP series, designed for dewatering and drainage of manholes up to 65 ft deep, helps eliminate the need to drill and shore up an existing manhole in order to gain access. The series is suitable for hard-to-reach access and is capable of operating in any position, even upside-down, according to the manufacturer. These submersible pumps feature a smaller outside diameter than other similarly powered pumps to fit into 17 in. or larger openings. The pumps range from 2.5 hp to 12 hp and are capable of moving water up to 125 ft at flows up to 375 gal per minute. PUMPEX INC.; 908/730-7004; www.

With Ring Assembly and Vacuum Unit
New Core Bore recirculating slurry containment system works with the manufacturer’s M-1 and M-2 core rigs to trap slurry, recirculate water and keep the work area clean. The system is available with a ring assembly and vacuum unit. The ring connector mounts onto the core bit and the 25-lb vacuum unit features a 1.5-hp motor with a tank capacity of 4 gal. The recirculating slurry containment system is suitable for indoor use on floors and walls. It is equipped with a 5-ft hose and three containment bags, with replacement bags available in sets of 10. DIAMOND PRODUCTS; 440/323-4616;

Small Size Stackable Units

Company receives a U.S. Patent for its Breeze Mass Transfer System, which is designed to remove volatile organic compounds from groundwater and strip dissolved gases such as H2S, CO2, methane, and radon from drinking water. The units are 30 in. high, 30 in. wide and 4 to 10 ft long. The modular design can be stacked and is very portable. The system offers the user a choice of fine or coarse bubble aeration. Individual units can handle flow rates up to 200 gal per minute and multiple units can handle any flow. AEROMIX SYSTEMS INC.; 800/879-3677;

Continuously Monitors Water Conditions
Digital Dolphin, a chemical-free water treatment system, continuously and accurately monitors water conditions in systems such as cooling towers, chiller systems, heat exchangers and steam boilers, as well as fountains and lagoons, swimming pools and combustion efficiency applications. It also records functionality and temperature data and reports these parameters to a remote computer terminal. This digital control allows for a more thorough account of water status, making the information readily accessible. The system automatically adjusts to changes in water conditions. CLEARWATER SYSTEMS LLC; 860/767-0850;

Open Bottom Design
A line of subsurface stormwater management chambers features an open bottom design that enhances infiltration, allowing for optimal groundwater recharge. StormTech chamber models SC-740 and SC-310 provide design flexibility for stormwater detention, retention, first-flush storage, groundwater recharge or some combination of these applications. The chambers are manufactured from polypropylene, a material resistant to environmental stress cracking and chemicals typically found in stormwater runoff. STORM TECH INC, A SUBSIDIARY OF INFILTRATOR SYSTEMS INC.; 888/296-5367;