Tack Wagon
Direct Drive Asphalt Pump
The ProTack TW500 tack wagon can be used for heating and spraying emulsified asphalt in a variety of municipal and residential projects. It features a large 500-gallon capacity tank as well as a heavy-duty 12-gallon per minute direct drive asphalt pump powered by an efficient 5.5-hp Honda engine. This model also comes with an adjustable hitch with a swivel tongue-mounted jack that makes the trailer adaptable to a variety of vehicles. BOMAG Americas Inc.; 309/853-3571; www.bomag-americas.com

Water Pump
Compact and Lightweight
Weighing only 23 lb, the new LWP 2 submersible water pump is designed for applications such as continuous pumping of clean or contaminated water on building sites, excavation sites and basements. The pump can handle debris of up to 3�8 in. in diameter. It produces a discharge of up to 222 gpm and has a lifting head of up to 82 ft. Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc.; 413/746-0020; www.atlascopco.com

Tailor-Made Submersible Pump
Fits in Slim Spaces
The Tubo pump, available in 8-in. and 12-in. sizes, is designed for drainage works in narrow spaces. The pump has a central discharge, allowing it to be used in 8 and 12-in. tubes. Applications include drainage in filter tubes in cohesive soil and dewatering in confined spaces. Tubo 8 is a completely new pump with a maximum flow of 307 gpm and a pressure head of 177 ft. Tubo 12 has a newly designed top. It delivers a flow up to 903 gpm and has a pressure head of 262 ft. Grindex AB; +46 8 606 6600; www.grindex.com

Mini Skid-Steer
Spring-Cushioned Platform
Designed with features requested by customers, the new S600TX rubber-track mini skid-steer is a versatile, labor-saving machine built to help operators finish a wide range of job applications.
It comes with a spring-cushioned platform that is positioned within the framework of the machine, reducing the need to walk through work-site debris, mud or uneven terrain. At 14-in. high, the platform provides better visibility of the attachment and bucket edge. The S600TK also has a universal mounting plate that allows the operator to hook up various attachments. Vermeer Manufacturing Co.; 888/837-6337; www.vermeermfg.com

Root Grapple
Leaves Dirt Behind
This new hydraulic-controlled root grapple attachment is available in 72 and 82-in. widths. It has the power to clear brush and overgrowth on construction and landscaping projects, or in emergency cleanups. The skeletal design of the attachment allows dirt to fall between the teeth, thereby minimizing topsoil removal. The attachment’s curved bottom teeth also enable operators to scoop material without plunging the grapple into the ground. Bobcat Co.; 866/823-7898; www.bobcat.com/RRrootgrapple