Universal Attachment System
Manufacturer introduces its first mini skid steer loader, model 25G. It is designed to handle jobs where full-size skid steers are too big. The machine weighs approximately 1,500 lb and measures 39.9 in. in width. It features a full SAE rated lift capacity of 475 lb and over 1,450 lb of breakout force. The machine also has a universal attachment system that allows it to be versatile on the jobsite. It is equipped with a hydraulic system that enables the operator to direct power where it is needed most, to the traction drive or hydraulic system. THOMAS EQUIPMENT LTD.; 506/276-4511;

Quick-Disconnect Lamp System
This portable light tower, model MLT-KD6, incorporates an all-new design concept that allows the user to easily change the tower, lights and power source in minutes. It is fitted with a three-cylinder Kubota D-905 engine, rated at a low 70 dba. The marathon generator end provides 6 kw of power. The light tower has a quick-disconnect lamp system that is designed for easy, fast light attachment and detachment to facilitate repair, assembly and transport. Control breaker switches for the lights are accessible at the front of the tongue. MULTIQUIP; 310/537-3700;

Seals Cracks
Designed to provide high-performance crack sealing, the new Magma series melter-applicators are available in 110, 230 and 410-gal capacity models to meet the needs of pavement maintenance contractors and municipalities. The basic design features a jacketed tank with oil in the inner wall. The oil is heated with a burner and an agitator keeps the melted sealant flowable. The sealant is pumped through a hose for distribution into the pavement cracks. The pump is mounted at the back of the unit in a heated cabinet. CIMLINE INC.; 800/328-3874;

The Bomag BPH80/65S reversible plate compactor can be used on both granular and mixed soil compaction jobs including construction backfill and trenches. It delivers 18,000 lb of centrifugal force at 3,000 vpm and reaches working speeds up to 91.9 ft per minute. Standard wear strips increase operating width from 25.6 in. to 31.5 in. Optional side extension plates increase width to 37.4 in. The unit features a 15.4-hp, air-cooled Hatz 1D90W diesel engine and its 2.6-gal fuel tank provides more than four hours of continuous operation. COMPACTION AMERICA; 309/853-3571;

Replaces Four Pieces of Equipment
A machine with two arms and four applications, called MultiJob, is suited for earthfilling and removal, excavation, pallet handling, as well as wood and steel structure erection jobs. It can replace as many as four pieces of site construction equipment. The MultiJob can function as a 90-metric ton excavator with 360� rotation, a 1.3-cu-yd telescopic loader and a 2.2-metric ton telescopic forklift that can reach out 13.5 feet. It also serves as a multipurpose tool-holder. TELESCOPELLE S.A.; (011 33) 2 48 75 95 34;

Rack Design
This 40-lb inverter-based Stick/TIG welding power source is available rack-mounted as a four-pack for protection and easy transportation when jobsites require multiple welding units. It has up to 250 amps of output for Stick welding, with electrodes up to 3�16 in. The CST 250 automatically sets the proper dig setting on E6010 and E7018 electrodes for better Stick performance. The Lift-Arc start feature allows for TIG arc starts without high frequency. MILLER ELECTRIC MFG. CO.; 800/426-4553;

Mast Climbing Work Platform
The HEK MS 5000 work platform is for heavy-duty facade work. It can be used in applications including masonry work, drywall, glazing, renovation and demolition work. This model has a maximum payload of 12,000 lb and is able to work at heights in excess of 400 ft. Its lower working platform allows blocks, tubs and other material to be at a convenient height for users. INTERVECT USA INC., a new company formed from the merger of Alimak and HEK; 203/367-7400;