Two Steering Options

Fast-Setting, Low Slump
Two new concrete repair and restoration mortars, Meadow Patch 5 and Meadow Patch 20, are designed for vertical, overhead and horizontal projects. They are one-step, fast-setting products and may be troweled, shaped, molded or shaved for 8 to 12 or 4 to 6 minutes, respectively, before taking initial set. The products are suitable for both interior and exterior installations. These include restoring dams, piers, reservoirs or sea walls. It can also be used to make quick repairs to columns, precast panels, tunnels, bridges, concrete pipes and more. W.R. MEADOWS INC.; 800/342-5976;

No Damage EPS Insulation
Manufacturer introduces a moisture-cure, solvent-free roof assembly adhesive formulated to secure fleece-backed membrane with approved insulation to steel and concrete decks. The product is designed to either minimize or eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners in deck construction. It is applied from a stand-up quart caulking gun at a rate of five to six squares an hour. On larger jobs, an hydraulic applicator unit can install up to 30 squares per hour. CHEM LINK INC.; 800/826-1681;

Mounts On All Skid Steers
These attachments are designed to help contractors work year-round in both snow and dirt. V-Plows are available in 65 or 90-in. moldboard widths and mount on all skid steers with a universal tool carrier. They are suitable for high-production snow removal and dirt projects such as light trenching, grading, leveling and bulldozing. A patented hydraulic side-to-side float technology for snow and an optional hydraulic power side-to-side tilt for dirt are also included. LOEGERING; 800/373-5441;

Low Noise Levels
The MT-55F, MT-65H and MT-84F are four-cycle Mikasa rammers featuring stronger crankcases, a narrower width and a built-in primary engine air filter. The units have all the standard features of Mikasa's two-cycle rammers but include the added benefits of lower exhaust emissions and improved fuel efficiency. Model MT-65H, a 146-lb unit, delivers 2,900 lb of impact force and is fitted with the new Honda vertical cylinder four-cycle GX-100 engine. The MT-55F supplies 2,250 lb of impact force, while the mt-84f with a Robin EH-12H engine offers 3,600 lb of impact force. MULTIQUIP; 800/421-1244;

Made From 100% Recycled Plastic
Designed as an alternative to cement or wood traffic stops and bumps, the SelecStop and SelecBumps traffic controls are made from recycled polyethylene and mixed plastic. They are resistant to cracking in cold or frost as well as wear and tear from automobiles and the elements, says the maker. The lightweight SelecStop and SelecBumps are portable and easier to install than cement or wood products, the provider claims. SelecStops are available in yellow, white, blue or gray. SelecBumps come in black or yellow. SELECTECH INC.; 877/738-4537;

Two-Speed Gear Train
Manufacturer introduces cordless hammer drills that offer carpenters, electricians and other professionals the capabilities of three tools-drill, driver and hammer. The line includes the Bosch 3870-04 18-volt and the Bosch 3670-04 14.4-volt models that provide 450-in. lb and 425-in. lb of torque, respectively. Also, a 17-position clutch on each of the tools allows the user to control the desired level of torque for specific applications and to select drill or hammer mode. BOSCH POWER TOOLS; 877/267-2499;

his all-wheel steer loader with skid steer loader capabilities is the first loader of its kind to offer selectable steering modes from the dash board, the company says. Model A220 is equipped with two different steering options. The all-wheel steer mode minimizes the disturbance of ground and other surfaces and decreases wear on the tires. The skid steer mode allows operation in tight, confined areas. It also offers a two-speed travel option and a rated operating capacity of 2,200 lb.