Hydraulic Saw
Ring Cutter

Partner; 800/323-3553;www.partnerusa.com

Skid Steer Loader
Four-Ton Model

Komatsu America Corp.; 866/ 513-5778; www.komatsuamerica.com

Trailer-Mounted Boom Lift
Faster Towing Speeds

JLG Industries Inc.; 240/420-2661; www.jlg.com

Backhoe Loader

Ingersoll-Rand Co.; 877/472-7263; www.irco.com

Tracking Devices
Heat-Sensing Feature

The Charles Machine Works Inc.; 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com


The new K 3600 MK II hydraulic ring saw features a narrow, slim body and an adjustable front handle that has an integrated, easy-to-reach water flow adjustment. It provides exceptionally high power without being too heavy to handle, says the maker. The ring-cutter concept has an off-center drive and provides the same 10-in. cuts using a 14-in. blade as 24-in. blades on traditional saws, but at a much lower initial cost, the maker says. The new SK1026-5 model is an 8,068-lb unit designed to meet customers’ demands for increased power and performance, says the maker. It has enhanced loader arm and bucket control and one of the longest wheelbases in its class. It also has a turbocharged diesel engine with 84 hp at 2,500 rpm, 5,400 lb of breakout force and two travel speed ranges. The new Tow-Pro Model T350 and Model 500J can be towed at speeds up to 65 mph and have a 35-ft and 50-ft platform height, respectively. Both feature 370° non-continuous turntable rotation and have 500 lb capacity in their 30 x 48-in. aluminum platforms. Power is provided by 24-V, 220-ampere-hour batteries or by an optional 9 hp Honda gasoline engine. Other standard features include surge brakes, parking brakes, hourmeter and tilt alarm. The BL-570 backhoe loader is the latest model in the maker’s B Series. It has a maximum digging depth of 12 ft, operating capacity of 3,406 lb and a breakout force of 9,370 lb. The BL-570 has a 56-hp Kubota diesel engine, hydrostatic four-wheel drive and is equipped with the Bob-Tach attachment mounting system for the loaderand the X-Change system for the backhoe and auxiliary hydraulics with two-way flow for versatility. The new 752 Tracker/752 Display system has improved heat-sensing capabilities, greater water and shock resistance and seven more radio channels than the 750 model. It is designed to be used with DitchWitch directional drilling beacons to provide vital information during directional drilling operations. The system can translate data into a downloadable map of bores.