Lift-Out Rail Feature

Barrier Rail guard rail with a new lift-out rail feature allows easy access to machinery or facility areas that need protection from traffic hazards or for personnel safety. The system can be installed along aisleways, around in-plant offices and within storage areas. Heavy- and standard-duty models are available in single, double or triple rail configurations. Posts are fabricated from 6x6-in. ASTM A-36 structural steel tube with 1/2-in. thick welded baseplates. Rail lengths come in standard 2-ft increments from 4 to 10 ft. W.A. Schmidt Inc.; 800/523-6719;

Night Paving Operations

New on-board, self-contained lighting systems for Blaw-Knox pavers consist of four 1,000-watt light lamps that are strategically placed above the paver, one on the front, one on the back and one on each side. This system lights the area around the screed and paver, allowing nighttime operators to see into the hopper, auger and screed areas. Operators can also see the road joints and the condition of the mat behind the paver. Two easy-to-install kits are available. One is for selected 8-ft pavers and the other is for 10-ft pavers. Ingersoll-Rand Co.; 217/238-1234;

Process Select Switch

CST 400, a portable inverter-based welding power source for construction, maintenance and repair of heavy equipment, steel structures, powerplants and more offers a 5 to 400-amp output (300 amps at 60% duty cycle). Its output enables an operator to run electrodes greater than 5/32 in. and carbon arc gouge with 3/16-in. carbons. Features such as the process select switch with six settings help reduce potential for setting errors, the maker says. Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.; 800/426-4553;

Handles Propane Tanks

Featuring a crane rating of 30,150 ft-lb with a 15-ft horizontal reach and a 20.6-ft vertical reach, the new IMT 3000 series articulating crane is designed specifically for the propane tank handling market. It offers a maximum lift capacity of 5,000 lb and 400° rotation. It is built for loading, transporting and unloading propane tanks to businesses and homes in metropolitan areas as well as customers beyond the reach of power or gas lines. The crane is rear-mounted to give the user more flexibility. Iowa Mold Tooling Company Inc. (IMT); 515/557-2062;

All-Wheel Crab Steer

New ATC-3130, a 130-ton all-terrain crane, can be used for a wide range of applications such as erecting tall cellular telephone towers, setting service buildings and installing steam vaults. It has a 275-ft, 5-section, full-power, 167.3-ft main boom and optional 98.75-ft fold-away jib. With 20° tilt cab capability, the operator can tilt the cab back in a comfortable angle to watch the load. The unit can steer in several different modes, including all-wheel crab steer for maneuvering into a tight position. Link-Belt Construction Equipment Co.; 859/264-6268;


Available in 55 lb bags, Meadow-Crete H2 is a two-step, trowel-applied, corrosion- inhibitor-enhanced, cementitious repair mortar. It is suitable for industrial and civil engineering applications and can be used for horizontal repairs of concrete in both small and large areas, interior and exterior applications and a minimum of 1/4 in. deep. Meadow-Crete H2 features low permeability and protection for embedded reinforcing steel. W.R. Meadows Inc.; 847/214-2100;

Spring Rewind

The Hannay SGCR spring rewind grounding reel provides means for grounding vehicles and equipment when working on or near power lines. The SGCR reel is constructed with heavy-duty steel and is capable of standing up to rugged field use, according to the company. Features include a bolt-down design that allows for easy removal and re-installation on new vehicles. Independently tested to 15kA for 30 cycles, the reel meets OSHA requirements for vehicle grounding. Hannay Reels Inc.; 877/467-3357;