Infrared Spot Heaters
Propane or Natural Gas Models

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Upgraded Back End

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Large Rear Handle

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Wire Lead

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Electrical Mounting Kit
Metal Buildings

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The heavy-duty RCH Series spot heaters do not use electricity and can heat an enclosed area of up to 2,500 sq ft without using fans or moving parts. They are designed for hard-to-heat areas such as construction sites, unheated work areas, thawing applications and more. The series includes four models that are CSA design certified and have a compact 14-in.-dia base and a stainless steel emitter. The heaters come in propane gas or natural gas models. The Q-Gun line of MIG guns for the welding industry is now available with upgraded back end assemblies to help improave strain relief and simplify direct plug changeover. They also feature Centerfire consumables and Jump Liner technology to minimize welding downtime. Q-Guns come in 150 to 600 amp models, five torch handle designs, multiple trigger options and 360� rotating necks or fixed necks. Designed for chipping and light demolition in stone, concrete and brick, the new MHE 65 SDS-Max chipping hammer has a 10.5-amp motor that provides 1,325 to 2,650 bpm and 1.0 to 10.0 joules of single blow energy. The large rear handle enables two-handed operation in harder applications, and the gear switch is extra large for easy operation. A new series of wire lead receptacles has been designed for electrical contractors working on time-sensitive installations. These leaded receptacles help spare time and costs by eliminating the need to strip wires or tighten terminals with every installation. Since the receptacles are equipped with permanently attached wire leads at the factory, they can’t work loose from the terminal, the manufacturer says. Available in seven different colors, the models come in either 15 or 20-amp models, with 2-pole and 3-wire grounding. A newly patented strut system, called Saddlestrut, gives contractors an easy, fast, neat and secure way to attach signs, awnings, lighting fixtures and other electrical equipment to metal buildings. The system works on R, U, AP and custom panel designs. Saddlestrut is currently available in lengths up to 10 ft long.