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Two new Magnum Tuckunder liftgates feature large 80 in. x 60 in. platforms, power-up and power-down operation and GLR–Gentle Level Ride. The MTU-3000 and MTU-4000 models offer increased productivity with the new pallet friendly GLR system. The GLR wedge design platform tilts gently at the ground with no sudden moves or jerks. Also, wider rollers under the platform distribute weight to help eliminate parking lot dig-in when tilting. Designed for the construction industry, this new E2200 ground heater, replaces model E1700. It incorporates more hose, more pumps and a more powerful hydronic heater than the previous model. Able to thaw up to 3,300 sq ft of frozen ground at a rate of 1-ft-deep per day, the E2200 also can heat up to 4,400 sq ft of ground, indoors or out, to prepare for concrete placement or to assure proper concrete curing. The Superlift system features a unique body that accepts multiple attachment grips. Interchangeable grips allow the operator to adapt the attachment for different job situations with a wide range of size capability. Superlift is equipped with the company’s patented actuator that allows for hands-free operation in the lifting, moving and setting of objects. No hydraulics are needed. The weight of the load provides the gripping power. Custom adaptations are easily developed to fit individual specifications. The 410H backhoe is the construction industry’s first machine with Total Machine Control (TMC), says the manufacturer. TMC integrates control of every system in the machine, from engine to transmission and hydraulic functions to brakes. A key feature that helps boosts cycle times is the three-speed backhoe hydraulics that enables the operator to choose between three dig speeds. Select the fast mode, and the 410H backhoe with TMC will dig 30% faster than the current 410G; select slow mode, and the machine will dig 20% slower than current production. Manufacturer announces an extension to its Prime Aire line of pumps, especially suited for the construction market. A new 6-in. pump, model PA6E60-6068H, offers high-head and high-flow capabilities. It provides flow rates of up to 4,300 gallons per minute, heads up to 290 ft and can handle 3.38-in. solids.The unit has the ability to run dry indefinitely with no damage to the pump or mechanical seal. The 225-hp John Deere diesel engine includes an auto start control panel for unattended operation. A new line of indirect oil-fired portable heaters is designed to provide heated air that is free of moisture and contaminants. The heaters operate on only 120 volts and range in capacity from 320,000 to 505,000 BTU. The units are suitable for a variety of construction, mining, aviation, agricultural and municipal applications. To help improve efficiency, the new BW213DH-4BVC single-drum vibratory roller, is equipped with the manufacturer’s exclusive Variocontrol Intelligent Compaction system. The system helps provide more efficient compaction performance on non-cohesive materials and mixed soils. Utilizing a directed exciter mechanism, the roller automatically adjusts the output energy of the drum to optimize compaction of the target material. Manufacturer introduces a new product called the Beak. This skid steer attachment allows the contractor to remove concrete with ease. The Beak’s patent pending crow bar fork design multiplies the break out force of the skid steer, while the grapple jaw holds the load in place. This helps eliminate the dangerous use of pallet forks and the need for sawing or hammering the concrete before removal. It can also be used for moving and placing large stones, pipe, logs and miscellaneous demolition work. The Slasher is the newest addition to the manufacturer’s product line. It is an environmentally friendly attachment that mulches as it works and incorporates the debris back into the soil to create a stable base. The Slasher is powered by a self-contained C-15 525-hp Cat engine and attaches to a CAT 6R LGP or equivalent crawler dozer. It includes a cutter assembly with a 10-ft wide cutter drum and is designed for clearing and mulching standing trees, brush and stumps.