Trash Pumps
Lifting Loop for Easy Transportation
Manufacturer introduces its new QP Series trash pumps. The QP-2T and QP-3T engine-drive trash pumps are 2 and 3-in. units designed for contractors who need to move water quickly and efficiently. There are eight models in the QP Series, with maximum flows up to 396 gallons per minute. The QP trash pumps are housed in a smaller but stronger aluminum die-cast pump casing for faster priming at higher speeds. The 1-in. pipe frame also includes a lifting loop for simple transportation to, from and around the job site. MultiquipInc.; 800/421-1244;

Roof Rail System
Delivered Fully Assembled
This new railing system is available in nearly all customer configurations. It comes in galvanized steel or powder coated to suit roof color. The railing is made with 1-in. schedule 40 steel rails and 1-in. schedule 80 steel posts, sleeved with high-density polyethylene thermoplastic (OSHA yellow). The system is delivered fully assembled using aluminum/magnesium alloy speed rail fittings. Ideal Shield; 800/731-1722;

Light Tower
Integrates into a Single Unit When Moving to Job Sites
Light Tower LTC 4L is designed for the construction industry. It has four metal vapor lamps that are easy to maneuver and adjust individually, says the maker. In addition, the light mast can rotate a full 360û, making it easy to adapt the illumination to the job site. When it is time to move to the next job, the light tower can be pulled as a street-legal trailer that neatly integrates its chassis, generator and light mast into a single unit. The large fuel tank permits the crew to work up to 68 hours without refueling. Wacker Corp.; 262/257-4131;

Soundwall System
16-ft Lengths
A new soundwall system, called NoiShield, is manufactured in 16-ft lengths. Most products are 12-ft long, says the maker. The soundwall panels are hung on steel uprights. They feature low-weight, rugged construction and can withstand wind velocities of 110 miles per hour. The barriers are finished with a tough, thermosetting polyester powder coating that is not damaged by the harsh cleaning chemicals used to remove spray-paint graffiti. A wide variety of standard colors allow complementary decorative schemes and attractive designs to reduce apparent wall height. IAC; 718/931-8000;

Air Compressors
Ships Ready-To-Use
Manufacturer introduces a new range of compressor modules for manufacturers and drilling contractors. The new compressed-air modules offer increased drilling efficiency and improved penetration rates. They are suitable for the demands of all types of drill rig operations as well as pile driving. Safety features are incorporated into the modules. In the unlikely event of a malfunction such as overheating, the unit will shut down automatically. They are shipped ready-to-use. Atlas Copco Portable Air Division; +32 0 3 450 62 63;