Roof System: Reduces Need for Irrigation
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Flooring Option: Long-Lasting Performance
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Unmanned Logging Submarine: Retrieves Sunken Timber Treasure
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Hydraulic Cements: Ecologically Efficient
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Hybrid System: Ideal for Off-the-Grid Locations
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he Advanced Vegetative Roof System, a patent-pending new green roof system, incorporates patented Zeba-branded moisture-release technology for faster, fuller vegetation establishment and lower maintenance costs. The system, which adds 15 lb per sq ft of loading when fully saturated, reduces the need for extra irrigation because the Zeba material is integrated directly into the soil. Other benefits of the system—and green roofs in general—include year-round energy savings, increased air quality and noise reduction in buildings. cosurfaces has introduced its new line of flooring surfaces, Ecosand. Made from chips of finely shredded tire rubber (100% post-consumer waste) and EPDM flecks (30% pre-consumer waste), the new line features a palette of 12 colors. The flooring is available in 4-ft-wide rolls, 18-in.-square and 3-ft-square tiles, as well as 2-ft-square tiles for rooftops and outdoor areas. he Sawfish unmanned logging submarine harvests old-growth standing trees from forests that were submerged by dam construction. Clamping onto a tree, the Sawfish attaches inflatable floats and then cuts the trunk with a 55-in. electric chain saw. The tree then floats to the surface without disturbing sediments. All lumber milled from this timber is certified as "SmartWood Rediscovered" by the Rainforest Alliance. The 7,000- lb sub is controlled by a remote pilot and is powered by a 40-hp to 75-hp electric motor. he Envirocore family of cement products is manufactured using a technique that consumes less energy as well as fewer raw materials while generating less waste and pollution. This set of environmentally friendly hydraulic cements is engineered to be used in all portland cement concrete applications, and the manufacturer also includes materials that have been recycled or co-processed. These ingredients include ash, slag, pozzolans (natural deposits), limestone and masonry/mortar cement. his wind- and/or solar-power generation system can provide illumination at remote, off-the-grid locations. It has a WS400 wind turbine and/or solar panels that convert wind and sun power into electrical energy, stored in a battery for use as required by the lamp.