Snow Guards: Winter Dangers
A EcoStar, a division of Carlisle SynTec Inc.; 800-211-7170;
Long Exposure: 36 Months
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Green Tile: Energy-Efficient Roofing
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Ripping: Nylon Roof Sheathing Clips
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Curvy Roofing: Distinctive Shapes
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Specialty Roofing: Handmade Tiles
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Roll on Roofing: Keeping Cool
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Cool Roof: Water-Based Coating
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Roof Membranes: Lightweight
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Steep-Slope Roof: Cedar Look
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Roofing Solutions: Rubber, Asphalt and Metal
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Filter Fabric: Retains Water
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Alternative Roofing: Synthetic Materials
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Keeping Dry: Simpler Waterproofing
Kemper System; 800-541-5455; new line of pad and pipe-style snow guards deals with the threats of rooftop snow loads. The 2.5-in. snow guards are made of Kynar-coated aluminum and come in nine different shades to match the Ecostar tile product line. The snow guards have a wide face to deflect snow loads and are specially designed for steep-slope roofing systems. Installation consists solely of driving two roofing nails through the predrilled holes in the snow guards directly into the roof deck. he new Polystick TU P underlayment is a roofing membrane that is able to withstand exposure to the elements for up to 36 months. The APP rubberized asphalt with a glass fiber-reinforced polyester mat provides thermal stability in temperatures up to 260°F. The Polystick TU P underlayment also can be used in chimney flashings, skylight flashings, pipe penetrations, applications at ridges and eaves and valley underlayment. he Ecoset Tile Roofing System is comprised of a waterproofing underlayment, a layer of expanded polystyrene insulation and a roofing tile. Manufacturer lab tests show Ecoset reduces peak heat flow through the roof deck by approximately 80% versus a dark heat-absorbing shingle in summer, and limits nighttime heat loss in winter by nearly 70% when compared to direct-nail shingle roofs. he new Grip H Clip from M & O Products Inc. through iLevel by Weyerhaeuser is intended to increase the ease of installing roof sheathing. The Grip H Clip is made of high-strengthened, durable, corrosion-resistant nylon and is designed to slide easily onto the edge of panels and stay in place once on. Four splayed prongs act as flexible hinges to guide the clip into place and provide a firm grip. The Grip H Clip can be preloaded onto panels, saving time. anufacturer's S-shaped and other sine wave/multi-radial curved roof decks do not involve stretch-forming or multiple panels, which can add cost or additional structural support. Their crimping process creates S-shaped panels up to 26 ft long when using 20 or 22 GA nestable decking, or up to 20 ft with 18 GA decking. istoric U.K. roof-tile maker Keymer Tiles is expanding its U.S. presence, offering its Traditional line of handmade, clay roof tiles through its U.S. distributor, Century Imports Inc. The Traditional line of tiles are based on meticulous tile-making techniques that have been used by Keymer for nearly five centuries. The roof tiles are available in four styles: Elizabethan, Antique, Wealden Red and Restoration. olykool is a new self-adhering, modified bitumen roofing membrane that allows for high reflectivity and emissive properties in a simple roll. The membrane is environmentally friendly, and meets multiple energy efficiency standards, including the solar reflectivity requirements of the EnergyStar program. The Polykool membrane does not require any application agents to affix it to a roof, is resistant to contamination and is easily cleaned. he Kynar Aquatec is a water-based roof coating that provides the benefits of a traditional PVDF coating while being able to dry at ambient temperatures. It has high reflectivity and emissivity values, withstands extreme temperatures and resists mildew and dirt. he FleeceBACK EPDM membranes from Carlisle SynTec are a new lightweight solution for roofing membranes. With a 5 x 40 ft roll weighing less than 100 lb, the product offers easier material handling and rooftop delivery than standard-sized roofing materials. The maker says the single-ply product is ideal for use in crowded urban areas where rooftop access is limited and crane lifts are impractical. The membranes offer the same tear and puncture resistance as the firm's more traditional membranes, it says. he new Seneca Plus roofing tiles from EcoStar, a division of Carlisle SynTec, are designed for steep-slope roofing while replicating the appearance of real cedar shake. While the tiles resemble cedar, the manufacturer claims they are much stronger than traditional cedar roofing products. The tiles are made of recycled EPDM rubber and TPO plastic, allowing them to be used in coastal areas and withstand harsh weather conditions with superior resistance to algae growth and decay. They come in nine colors and widths of 6 in, 9 in and 12 in. A 50-year warranty is available. he RubberGard Reinforced Mechanically Attached (R.M.A.) Roofing System (bottom and top left) is primarily intended for larger projects. Comprised of EPDM panels bonded to Firestone's QuickSeam R.M.A. Strips, the system is installed underneath the EPDM membrane so that fasteners do not puncture the membrane, minimizing leaks. The Non-Penetrating Vapor Retarder System (top right) is intended for use with the entire line of Firestone roofing systems. This new system provides the benefits of a hot mopped asphalt vapor retarder system in a 300 ft roll. The UNA-Edge Metal Edge System (center) includes straightforward sheet-metal detailing, with no spring clips, extruded components or crimped edges, to help speed installation. The EnkaRetain & Drain combines an absorbent, nonwoven filter fabric bonded to a 3D Enkadrain 3000R series drainage core for use primarily in green-roof and planter applications. The Enkadrain drainage core is made of postindustrial, recycled polypropylene molded into a square, waffle pattern that allows water to flow from all directions. A water-retention fabric that holds 10 times its weight in water is bonded to one surface, replacing traditional filter fabric. It provides plant roots with a continuous source of moisture while allowing excess water to filter through and drain. aVinci Roofscapes has developed new synthetic slate and shake shingles as a long-lasting alternative to the high cost, installation and maintenance hassles and safety hazards of natural materials. DaVinci offers the widest variety of off-the-shelf slate color blends, including 19 earth-tone colors and seven traditional blends plus solid gray and black. Among the new designs are Weathered Green Blend (below), with verdant and sylvan greens, grays and tans interlaced in an earthy and pastoral pattern; a classic slate-gray blend; Vineyard Blend, a mixture of tans, greens and purples; and Aberdeen Blend, a color-patchwork medley that incorporates earthy browns, grays, greens and purples. Kemper System has updated their line of waterproofing products with two new membranes. Both the new BRM and V210M membranes come in single liquid components that do not require any mixing, reducing overall application time. These membranes are suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior waterproofing applications.