Loading & Unloading: On More Idling
TUp-n-Atom; www.upnatom.com; 866-798-8882
Diamond Blades: Reduced Friction
BBosch Power Tools and Accessories; www.boschtools.com; 877-267-2499

Filling Joints: Quick Setting Filler
QOEuclid Chemical Co.; www.euclidchemical.com; 800-321-7628.
Remote Fuel Monitoring: Keeping Track
WOEM Data Delivery; www.oemdd.com; 203-929-8431. he new No Idle System� on Retriever truck beds from Up-N-Atom Inc. allows loading and unloading while the truck�s engine is off. Using a compressed-air system instead of the truck�s hydraulics to power the deck and ramp, the unit can handle up to a 30,000-lb payload. The No Idle System�s 60-gallon air tanks are filled to 120 psi after the truck�s tanks are filled. Operating while the engine is off, the system will save fuel and reduce overall emissions. osch�s new Speedwave diamond blades feature an innovative design to keep blades cool and allow a smoother cut. The wave-shaped ridge along both sides of the blade helps reduce friction and drag during use. A specially mounted cooling disc, the first of its kind, draws in air as the blade rotates to keep it cool and extend the blade�s life. The blade is ideal for cutting cured and reinforced concrete, roofing tile and brick and masonry materials. Bocsh�s new diamond blades are available in 4.5, 5, 7 and 9-in. diameters. WIKjoint 300 is a new versatile joint and crack filler.A two-component polyurea filler, it cures rapidly to a hard, semi-rigid solid. The filler is able to withstand the heat of the curing process, which is crucial when filling wide and deep joints. A primer in not required and the product can be installed with a standard meter/mix pump or handheld catridges. It is a selfleveling material which sets quickly and can be shaved as soon as fifteen minutes after application or up to four to six hours later. ith the Radio Pump Tracker, fuel usage on vehicles can be monitored from afar. After fuel is dispensed to the vehicle, a handheld device or computer wirelessly receives data from the tracker, including vehicle hours, odometer readings and gallons dispensed. A simple vehicle installation that takes about three hours.